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slow economy

5 Marketing Strategies for Carpet Cleaning Businesses in a Potential ‘Slow Economy (the “R” word)’

By John Clendenning It's interesting to realize that a generation of business owners today were just children living relatively carefree under their parent's roofs the...
The Tale of the Open Show ISSA

The Tale of the Open Show

By Grant Watkinson Editor's note: This article was initially published on ISSA on March 13, 2023. You can find the original piece here.  Once upon...
Leadership Tip trust and transparency

Leadership Tips: Trust and Transparency

By Ashlie Marshall, Tier Level Digital Marketing Trust and transparency go a long way in building strong and long-lasting relationships, both in personal and professional...
Leadership Tip boosting brand image eco-friendly

Leadership Tips: Being Eco-Friendly to Boost Brand Image

Editor's note: For this special edition of Leadership Tips, we turn to Rachael Schafer, an industry leader from Tier Level Digital Marketing, to learn all...
flexible work environment

Creating a Flexible Work Environment in Today’s Workplace

By Scott Tackett  Statistics provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor indicate that prior to the COVID-19 quarantine requirement, almost 5 million Americans were already...

Beware of Toxic Dioxin Exposure in Post-Fire Environments

By Sean M. Scott & Briana C. Scott Once the fire department has extinguished a fire, restoration contractors are on-scene shortly thereafter to secure the...
Shot of colleagues celebrating during a meeting in a modern office

Hire the Heart

By Ashlee Hofberger I hear so many owners say, "I just can't find good people."Âť My question back is always, "What do you mean by...

It’s Here: Restorers Now Creating Same-Day 2D Floor Plans With Their Smartphone Using Encircle

KITCHENER, ON.—January 19, 2023—Encircle has officially opened early access to the newest feature within its field documentation app: Encircle Floor Plan. This feature allows restorers...
Close-up Of A Businessman Making Candidate Selection Over The Desk At Workplace

Hiring Your Dream Team Members

By Howard Partridge So far in this article series, we have covered"¦ The 8 Steps to Building Your Dream Team How to FIND Dream Team...
Cute little playful bichon frise running through house

Carpet Cleaning Frequencies

By James Tole Editors' Note: Cleanfax visited with James Tole recently and asked six questions about the value of improving cleaning frequencies in both homes...


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