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Cleanfax July August issue 2024
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Construction tool. The builder holds a grinder tool in his hands.
An infrared thermal imaging system being used during a home energy audit. The camera is pointed to a house living room wall and shows a distinct blue (cold) area within the home’s insulation. The center target area reads 59.6 degrees with a range of 51 to 65 degrees in the area. The blue area is a stud behind the wall, this is a typical reading in any stick built home. The wood's R-value is less than the insulation so the camera reads cooler in this area. Energy audits are performed to determine how efficient the house is and to suggest steps to increase energy efficiency. To the left is a window frame, the camera is pointed above a TV with a fireplace mantle on the right.
Home Interior Living Room, Persian Rug, Pillars, Staircase, Spacious, Open
in door air quality check. measuring dust particles in the air. harmful PM 2.5 (particulate matter) small dirty dust harmful to health. unhealthy working environment in a building.


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