BluSky and FMSC event May 2023

BluSky Chicago Office Packs More Than 101,000 Life-Saving Meals

BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC, a national property restoration company in the United States, and hundreds...
NSM 2023

2023 National Safety Month Focuses on Preventable Injuries

The month of June has been set aside in the United States as National Safety...
Online digital devices

Polish Your Online Presence in 3 Ways

The internet has come a long way since 1991 when it first became publicly available....
Banned chemical

Various States Considering PFAS Ban

As reported by The Washington Post, 195 new bills have been introduced into various state...
Hard floor trends

A Walk Through Hard Flooring Trends

Enter a commercial or public building, and look down at the floor. Whether you are...
Hard floor trends

It’s Not Too Late! Register for Trends in Hard Floors Webinar!

With so many new products being released in the flooring market, staying current is critical....

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Online digital devices

Polish Your Online Presence in 3 Ways

In post-pandemic 2022, there were 4.9 billion active internet users globally (62% of the world’s population). If you’re looking for clients—and if you want them to receive your marketing messages—then you must recognize that the internet is where they now reside. Here are three major avenues for creating a robust online presence that can help attract leads, grab their attention, and convert them into clients.

Hard floor trends

A Walk Through Hard Flooring Trends

Enter a commercial or public building, and look down at the floor. Whether you are in an office complex, a retail store, a school, or a medical building, most likely you will see some type of hard flooring. “The drift to hard-surface flooring has been pretty aggressive over the past decade,” said Jim Mannes, national…

Manager with workers

Financials and Forecasting

Learn how operation managers can become comfortable with financial statement forecasting, to better understand how to optimize all their resources.

large restoration projects

Making the Leap

Are you ready for large restoration projects?

AI Straight Talk

3 Ways to Embrace AI for a Competitive Advantage in the Cleaning Industry

In this episode of Straight Talk!, Dean Mercado, CEO of Online Marketing Muscle, shares three specific strategies that can help you take full advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) for your business.

Digital Marketing - Part 1

The Digital Marketing Demystified Series—Part 1: World Class Email Marketing

In this webinar, sponsored by Legend Brands, internationally renowned marketing expert Ron Cates explores email marketing—a tactic that can yield a great return on your investment.


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Products & Technologies

Electric sparks

Online Poll: Electric-Powered Truckmounts

Across the globe, as sustainability becomes a priority for many nations, the movement for electric-powered vehicles has gained momentum. In...
Construction tool. The builder holds a grinder tool in his hands.

The Silica Problem and Restoration Workers

By Mark Drozdov with Amanda Hosey Silica dust or respirable crystalline silica (RCS) is a danger to most any front-line...
An infrared thermal imaging system being used during a home energy audit. The camera is pointed to a house living room wall and shows a distinct blue (cold) area within the home’s insulation. The center target area reads 59.6 degrees with a range of 51 to 65 degrees in the area. The blue area is a stud behind the wall, this is a typical reading in any stick built home. The wood's R-value is less than the insulation so the camera reads cooler in this area. Energy audits are performed to determine how efficient the house is and to suggest steps to increase energy efficiency. To the left is a window frame, the camera is pointed above a TV with a fireplace mantle on the right.

5 Tips for Better Moisture Mapping

By Amanda Hosey Moisture mapping is the foundation and core of water damage restoration since all planning for a job...
Home Interior Living Room, Persian Rug, Pillars, Staircase, Spacious, Open

Luster-Washed Wool Rugs: What You Need to Know

By Lisa Wagner When rugs are woven, there is often some additional work done to help create a particular finished...

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With the global transition to electric powered vehicles based on improvements in battery technology, do you see electric-powered truckmounts becoming standard anytime in the future?

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