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licensed liability

The Lure of Liability

By Al Ruggie and Joshua Rudin Many consumers and even other businesses misunderstand the terms licensed, bonded, and insured. Behind these seemingly mundane words lies...

Monetizing Mother Nature

By Al Ruggie and Joshua Rudin In the ever-changing and evolving world of restoration and reconstruction, success is often contingent upon the ability to adapt...
plumber referral fees

Drip by Drip

By Al Ruggie and Joshua Rudin When home and business owners face a plumbing issue on their property, whether it’s a leaky faucet, a clogged...
Contents cleaning

The Unappreciated Aspect of Remediation

By Lori Young, CLS, and Michael Pinto, CMP What do you get when a professed contents cleaning geek and a known mold geek collaborate on...
restoration projects containments

Finishing Strong on a Restoration Project

By Mark Cornelius, Keith Gangitano, and Michael Pinto Who wants to run the ball the length of the football field only to fall inches from...
Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Two Decades of Commercial Carpet Maintenance

By Jim Smith and Graham Bedwell Commercial carpet maintenance has undergone significant changes in the last 20-plus years. But first, what does commercial carpet maintenance...
Remediation doctor

The Remediation ‘Doctor’ Is in the House

By Mark Cornelius, Keith Gangitano, Michael Pinto It’s time to go to the doctor. The doctor that we all want is someone that has seen...
temporary containments

The Components of Temporary Containments

By Mark Cornelius, Keith Gangitano, and Michael Pinto It has become relatively clear that, for now, the supply chain issues brought on by COVID-19 have...
Temporary Containments

Temporary Containments

By Keith Gangitano and Michael Pinto What does the February report on the discovery of ancient Roman ruins in Germany have to do with an...
Leadership Tip modern retention strategies

Leadership Tips: Modern Customer Retention Strategies

By Ashlie Marshall Walt Disney famously said, "Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."...


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