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To write for us, please reach out to Media Director Jeff Cross at [email protected].

Patricia LaCroix

Patricia LaCroix

Patricia LaCroix is the former associate editor of Cleanfax. She has a degree in Communications from Loyola University of Chicago and has worked in publishing and marketing for more than 35 years.

Amy Hughes 2019[5]

Amy Hughes

Amy Hughes is an editorial assistant with Cleanfax. She has worked as a freelance writer and editor for more than 10 years, including four years with Cleanfax. Reach out to her at [email protected].

Bill Prosch

Bill Prosch

Bill Prosch, CR, is a Business Development Adviser for Violand Management Associates (VMA), a highly-respected consulting company in the restoration and cleaning industries. Prosch is a leading expert in operations and a Certified Restorer. He has a deep understanding of entrepreneurial challenges having owned and operated a successful restoration company for more than 30 years. Through Violand, he works with companies to develop their people and their profits. To reach him, visit or call (800) 360-3513.

chuck violand_ 0120

Chuck Violand

Chuck Violand is the founder and principal of Violand Management Associates (VMA), a highly respected consulting company in the restoration and cleaning industries. Through VMA, he works with business owners and companies to develop their people and profits. For more information, visit
David Grossman Headshot

David Grossman

David Grossman is president of Renue Systems Inc., a global franchisor and operator of specialized deep-cleaning services businesses to the hospitality industry. He can be reached at [email protected] with more information available at
Samantha Hager Author Headshot

Samantha Hager

With an extensive background in journalism, writer Samantha Hager provides a unique perspective to the cleaning and restoration industries.
John Monroe Headshot

John Monroe

John Monroe is a Business Development Advisor for Violand Management Associates (VMA), a highly-respected consulting company in the restoration and cleaning industries. Monroe is a leading expert in marketing, sales, and sales management for the restoration and cleaning industries with over 30 years of experience in those fields. Through Violand, Monroe works with companies to develop their people and their profits. To reach him, visit or call 800-360-3513.
David Oakes Headshot

David Oakes

David Oakes has worked in the cleaning and restoration field since 1973. He consults for both restoration contractors and insurance companies and has served as an expert witness in state and federal court. Oakes is an RIA Certified Restorer, holds multiple IICRC certifications, and is an IICRC-approved instructor, teaching restorative drying classes, among others. He is currently chairman of the ANSI/S540 2021 Consensus Body and serves on the IICRC Field Guide for Safety and Health for Disaster Restoration Professionals and the Harmonized Industry Glossary Committee.
Jon Isaacson Headshot

Jon Isaacson

Jon Isaacson, The Intentional Restorer, is a general contractor based in Tacoma, Washington. He is the author of several moderately selling books and the host of the info-taining DYOJO Podcast. Content from The DYOJO aims to help contractors shorten their DANG learning curve.
Jeff Cross Headshot

Jeff Cross

Jeff Cross is the media director of ISSA Media, which includes Cleanfax magazine. He is the previous owner of a successful cleaning and restoration firm. He also works as a trainer and consultant for business owners, managers, and front-line technicians. He can be reached at [email protected].
Kris Rzesnoski Headshot

Kris Rzesnoski

Kris Rzesnoski is vice president of business development for Encircle where he is committed to driving the delivery of intuitive, easy-to-use solutions that allow contractors to improve productivity and profitability. He is an RIA technical instructor, an IICRC-approved instructor, a third-party evaluator, and the owner of Reztime Training and Consulting. Rzesnoski sits on RIA’s Restoration Council and Canadian Education Committee and is the chairman of the Estimating Committee.
Mark Cornelius Headshot

Mark Cornelius

Mark Cornelius has been in the restoration industry for more than 38 years. He is president of Disaster Recovery Industries Inc. and owns Emergency Mitigation Technician Academy. As an IICRC triple master, Cornelius travels the world teaching IICRC-approved classes. He is a member of the 2021 IICRC Board of Directors, a co-chair of the OCT committee, and on the committees for the IICRC S540, AMRT, MRS, and FSRT standards.
Sonny Ahuja Headshot

Sonny Ahuja

Sonny Ahuja is an online lead-generation expert who specializes in high-conversion responsive websites, optimized mobile sites, Google AdWords, and SEO. He mainly helps remodeling, disaster restoration, and cleaning companies get more leads by developing their online lead-generation systems. Visit for more from Ahuja.
Michael Wilson Headshot

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson is AFFLINK’s vice president of marketing and packaging. He has been with the organization since 2005 and provides strategic leadership for the entire supply chain team. In his free time, Wilson enjoys working with the Wounded Warrior Project, fishing, and improving his cooking skills. Reach him at
Lisa Wagner Headshot

Lisa Wagner

Lisa Wagner is a second-generation rug care expert, NIRC Certified Rug Specialist, and an owner of K. Blatchford’s San Diego Rug Cleaning Company. She was recognized as the 2006 Cleanfax magazine Person of the Year for her industry contributions. For online rug course and training event details, visit

Doug Hoffman Headshot

Doug Hoffman

Doug Hoffman is the founder and executive director of the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (, a not-for-profit training and certification organization for IAQ professionals. His passion has been helping people understand how to live healthier lives indoors and empowering them with the ability to have clean air. Get more information from his book, Mold-Free Construction, at

Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner Headshot

Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner

Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner is a senior director of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council™ (GBAC), a division of ISSA. As an infection prevention expert and epidemiologist, he works to develop protocols and education for the global cleaning industry, helping facilities, businesses, organizations, and cleaning professionals to create safe environments.
Stephen P. Ashkin Headshot

Stephen P. Ashkin

Stephen P. Ashkin is president of The Ashkin Group, a consulting firm specializing in green cleaning and sustainability, and CEO of Sustainability Dashboard Tools LLC, for measuring and monitoring sustainability with the goal of protecting natural resources and reducing facility operating costs. He is considered the “father of Green Cleaning,” is on the board of the Green Sports Alliance, and has been inducted into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame (IGIHOF). He can be reached at [email protected].
David Gavilanes Headshot

David Gavilanes

David Gavilanes has worked up through the industry as a contents technician, manager, magazine editor, and director of the Real Contents Training company. Today, David oversees the Blue Kangaroo Packoutz (BKP) training academy as their training development leader and works directly with the BKP franchisees as their regional business coach. You can reach David at [email protected].

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