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Lisa Wagner is a second-generation rug care expert, NIRC Certified Rug Specialist, and an owner of K. Blatchford’s San Diego Rug Cleaning Company. She was recognized as the 2006 Cleanfax magazine Person of the Year for her industry contributions. For online rug course and training event details, visit

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Luster-Washed Wool Rugs: What You Need to Know

By Lisa Wagner When rugs are woven, there is often some additional work done to help create a particular finished look. With wool rugs, “luster...

Shedding Rugs: What You Need to Know

By Lisa Wagner Rugs may shed for a variety of reasons. The shedding may be due to poor fiber quality, poor construction quality, or poor...
Hand Tied Intricate Pattern Woven Knotted Sisal and Sea Grass Rug Detail.

What to Know About Jute Rugs

By Lisa Wagner In the past, jute was used as a foundation fiber in some hooked, needlepoint, and (a few) pile rugs. Today, however, there...

A Rug to Run From: India Hand Loomed

For the past decade, the quick advice for consumers on how to know a “better” quality wool pile rug over a mediocre one has been...
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Choosing Chemistry for Rug Cleaning

Wool approved chemistry and products have been designed for on-location cleaning of machine made wool installed carpet, and not for in-plant cleaning of wool woven...
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Chemically Sensitive Rugs

Wool organizations have worked at identifying chemical solutions that are safe for use on wool rugs by rug cleaners. There has, however, been little or...

Viscose Rayon Rugs

Rayon is manufactured, regenerated cellulose fiber (cotton and wood pulp by-products). It is made shiny with the use of a viscose liquid chemical processing, and...

Synthetic Fiber Rugs

It used to be, about a decade ago, that if you wanted to buy a rug you went to a rug store. And odds were...
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Why rugs bleed

There are a variety of reasons a rug might "bleed" on you. Let''s go through different scenarios that you, as a professional cleaner, may encounter....

The Dirty Truth About Rugs

Rugs should be regularly cleaned. But not cleaned in the home. Why not? There are two main reasons. The first is that you are not...


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