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David Grossman is president of Renue Systems Inc., a global franchisor and operator of specialized deep-cleaning services businesses to the hospitality industry. He can be reached at [email protected] with more information available at renuesystems.com.

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15 Things Every Business Buyer Should Know

By David Grossman Weā€™ve finally come to the end of this series on business acquisitions after previously exploring an overview of the buying process, drafting...
Online Electronic Invoice Management On Desktop Computer

Do Your Due Diligence and Make Sherlock Holmes Proud

By David Grossman Thanks to the wealth of information available on the internet, we can (and usually do) research every purchase we make, from vehicles...
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Be Careful What You Wish for: Drafting a Letter of Intent

By David Grossman In the March-April issue of Cleanfax, I laid out an overview of best practices for the business-buying process. In this article, find...
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The Art of Business Buying

By David Grossman [one_half] I had made a number of investments with other peoplesā€™ money where I effectively limited my upsideā€”and, importantly, my riskā€”before I...

Finding the Fit: Franchise Versus Independent Business

By David Grossman Perhaps you have owned your cleaning company for a number of years, but growing it is becoming increasingly challenging. Or maybe you...


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