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NORTHBROOK, IL — April 2, 2019 — We all know (or should by now) the importance of maintaining a highly trained staff. We at Cleanfax talk about it all the time. A qualified staff saves you money — on call backs, overused/misused products, and more, including disastrous mistakes that result in lawsuits. Many industry companies say marketing your techs as trained by IICRC, RIA, CMI, NORMI, or other certifying bodies can boost your sales and reputation. Are you one of them?

In our latest Cleanfax Online Poll, we’d like to hear from you about just this issue. Do you use your technicians’ certification to successfully market your company? Let us know below in this month’s poll: Marketing your techs!

Participation takes only a moment of your valuable time. While your response is confidential, your answer just might help another person in our industry make a business decision.

Take part in the latest poll here:

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Looking for the results of a previous poll? Visit our poll archive. There you can see the results of polls on a wide range of topics, paperless job documentation, what’s most important when buying a new truckmount, whether auto dialers work when fishing for new business, and many more.

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