Tornado Industries educates with ‘The Anatomy of an Automatic Scrubber’

WEST CHICAGO, IL — To help industry professionals better use their automatic scrubbers, Tornado Industries recently offered up a release, “The Anatomy of An Automatic Scrubber,” which provides a breakdown of the machine’s components.

Basic knowledge of an automatic scrubber’s operating system is essential to enhancing its lifespan and minimizing downtime, Tornado Marketing Manager Sean Martschinke said in the release. “And that starts with having a basic understanding of all the key components, what we can call the anatomy of the machine.”

According to Martschinke, automatic scrubber key components include:

  • Vacuum filters. “One of the smaller but critically important parts of a ‘scrubber’ are the vacuum filters. The filter and/or screen must be kept clean and all debris removed in order for the machine to effectively remove moisture.”
  • Solution system. Essential for any automatic scrubber is to have a solution tank, where water and chemical are mixed, released to the floor as the machine is used.
  • Recovery system. To collect moisture and soil, automatic scrubbers have a vacuum, squeegee, and hoses, which collect and carry moisture to the recovery tank.
  • Recovery tank lid/cover. This is a surprisingly important part of a scrubber. It’s always good practice to leave the lid or cover open when the machine is not in use. This helps dry out the tank and helps prevent bacteria and malodors from developing.
  • Power system. Scrubbers are either battery-powered or cord-operated. Most users prefer a battery-powered machine, and what is proving the most popular is an eco-friendly, maintenance-free AGM battery.
  • Parabolic squeegee. “The squeegee is essential to effective moisture pickup. A parabolic squeegee has a semicircular frame design, which holds the squeegee blade in a curved position. This design has proven itself as the best design for solution recovery even during turns.”
  • Operational interface. This is the part of the machine’s anatomy most users know, see, and use. It includes the controls, handles, knobs, gauges and other mechanicals. While many machines now have a very institutive interface, it is always a good idea to review the owner’s manual regarding specific controls and functions. Not all interfaces are the same.

“It’s important to remember that the key components on an automatic scrubber work together as a system,” Martschinke added. “If one component is not operating properly, it can impact the performance of the entire machine. This is why regular maintenance and proper use of the machine are so important.”

For 85 years, Tornado Industries has developed innovative products and “prides itself on always being on the cutting edge of cleaning solutions.”

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