The 2022 Restoration Benchmarking Survey Report


It’s time to crunch the numbers, analyze the data, and see how your disaster restoration company compares to your peers in the industry. The annual Cleanfax Restoration Industry Benchmarking Survey Report polls the leaders in the industry to capture a complete snapshot of operations, revenue, services offered, challenges faced, employee issues, and more.

As you read on, you will see information that helps you form a better, more complete understanding of the state of the disaster restoration industry.

Of interest in the survey is how the vast majority of you, 97% to be exact, offer water damage restoration, closely followed by mold remediation/abatement (92%), and sewage remediation (91%). Less than 5% of companies responding to the survey subcontract out any of that. When service offerings move into fire/smoke, biohazard, and others on the list, subcontracting becomes more common.

Those involved in TPA programs dropped 4% from last year, with more engaged in storm chasing projects, the highest number traveling outside their area for CAT work since 2014. And, of course, everyone said that staffing issues were important. Recruiting and retaining quality workers remains at the very top of the challenges facing companies. For pricing, the highest per-hour charge on average goes to biohazard/trauma cleanup, followed by mold remediation and then water damage restoration. You can see the data in the survey and compare your own charging practices to the industry. Cleanfax thanks all those who participated in the survey and helped create this valuable industry resource. Now, dig in and check out all the data, and use the link below to download the full report. 2022 Restoration survey Legend Brands Logo

About this report: The data in this survey is based on results from restoration contractors responding to invitations to participate in the survey. Results are not necessarily based on audited financial statements. Sponsored by Legend Brands.

Download the full report here!

Check out the Survey PowerPoint here!

Review the Survey PDF as well!


Current Ownership 2022 Restoration Benchmark Survey

This year, the majority (59%) of companies reported owner tenures of more than 10 years. Nearly a third have had the same owner for more than 20 years.

Business Type and Franchise 2022

Company Differentiations 2022

Competing is all about how you stand out from the competition. Experience and reputation is what drives most restoration companies.

Employee Turnover Rate 2022










Services Offered 2022

The majority of companies offer water damage restoration services yet remain firmly diverse with other service offerings, which means one-stop shopping for customers and adjusters is possible. Rarely do companies outsource basic services.

Start-up Costs 2022

Starting out can be pricey, with 53% spending more than $50k to get started.


Storm Chasing 2022

This year saw the highest number of respondents traveling outside their area for CAT work since 2014.


Residential vs Commercial 2022

Commercial work makes up at least half of business for 19% of companies.

Top 5 Challenges 2022

Not a single respondent said staffing issues were unimportant, which is unsurprising given the current labor market.

Most Profitable Services 2022

Biohazard cleanup dropped substantially over the last year as demand for COVID-19 cleanup fell.

Lead Generation 2022

Yelp continued its drop in popularity, falling 4% over 2020, while lead services grew by 4%.

Insurance Wait Time 2022

More than half of companies expect to see insurance payments in less than 6 weeks.

Prices changed per hour 2022

The average prices for all services increased this year.

Gross Revenue 2022

Additional Services Offered 2022

Offered additional services rose across the board with the exception of carpet cleaning, which dropped 3% from last year.

Regional Wages 2022

Training Expenses 2022

Employee Tenure 2022

Challenges keeping employees are clear, with more than half reporting average employee tenures of less than three years.

See the 2021 Restoration Benchmarking Survey Report

Download the full report here:

Download Restoration Benchmark Survey 2022

Check out the Survey PowerPoint here!

Review the Survey PDF as well!

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