Leadership Tips: Support Your Local Artists

Leadership Tip support local artists

Does your logo suck? Are you tired of having boring trucks and boring offices that rarely if ever attract new clients? Do you ever wish you had the kind of professional designers on your team that the big guys can afford? If so, it’s time you consider supporting local artists as part of the latest edition of Leadership Tips with Cleanfax. 

The value in supporting local creatives

Ask yourself this, which of these two photos attracts your eye more and gets you more interested in the company? 

While both of these companies may be water brands, the colors and amazing graphic designs of the Liquid Death boxes have now made this company a massive commodity in major cities with some of their box designs selling online for thousands. People actually save them like collector’s editions and go out of their way to buy from the brand just to support their cause of uplifting small local artists on their products. Pretty wild, I know. But, they are far from the only brand that sees the value in supporting small artists in their promotional campaigns and product packaging.

In fact, one artist named Ten Hundred on YouTube has over 680K subscribers and is often asked by companies to complete murals for their office spaces. This decision by brands not only shows their support of the arts and spiffs up their offices to attract new clients but also led to them being featured on his massive social media platforms which also helped them to get free advertising and support from the local community.

Knowing this, the value of supporting local artists can be seen in a few specific ways: 

  • Free advertising from the artist
  • Community and local news attention and opportunities
  • Attractive marketing, logo design, shirt design, and office murals
  • Connection to the community art scene and proof of your support of the community
  • Free designs under the guise of art competitions locally as well

6 ways to support local artists as a cleaning/restoration business 

Although there are an endless supply of ways to work with local artists in your community, here are some of the most viable and cost-effective methods for smaller carpet cleaning and restoration brands.

1. Murals

Commission local artists to create murals in your office spaces, showcasing their work and providing a unique and creative touch to your business.

2. Logo and shirt designs

Collaborate with local artists to design your company logo and create custom shirts for your employees, featuring the artists’ designs.

3. Truck wraps

Utilize the talents of local artists to create eye-catching truck wraps, transforming your vehicles into moving advertisements for your business and the artists’ work.

4. Posters, flyers, and banners

Partner with local artists to create posters, flyers, and banners for events in the community and for promoting your business, further raising the profile of the artists and their work.

5. Art contest

Host an online art contest for the design of your newest company advertisement or truck wrap, allowing anyone in the community to participate and bringing attention to local artists.

6. Sell their work

Offer to display and sell the work of local artists in your office spaces or at local events, providing them with an opportunity to reach new audiences and generate income.

With these unique and supportive strategies, you can begin creating strong relationships with the creatives in your local area that blossom into new opportunities, more local support, and free publicity for your brand for years to come.

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