RxHeat Portable Heaters Offer Tremendous Capabilities for Restoration Contractors and Pest Control Operators


RxHeat portable gas-fired heaters provide unique opportunities for contractors in the property restoration and pest eradication industries.


Available in two sizes, the RX12®, capable of heating spaces up to 3,000 square feet to 140° F, and the RX15®, which can provide the same temperatures for spaces up to 5,000 square feet. Both units feature an enclosed, clean-burning flame that operates on natural gas or propane; SMART temperature control technology; and the ability to raise structural temperatures quickly with forced air.

The RX12® features variable airflow from 2,500 to 4,000 cubic feet per minute and is perfect for treating single-family residences and multiple apartment units, with the ability to be ducted up to eight stories high. The RX15® features variable airflow from 4,000 to 6,000 cubic feet per minute and is capable of providing fast heat to larger residences, multiple-unit apartment buildings and office buildings as it can be ducted up to 10 stories high.

While these units were introduced several years ago, recently they were unavailable for purchase due to a patent suit. But with a federal judge recently making a summary ruling of non-infringement in favor of RxHeat® and Cambridge Engineering, these units are again available to restoration professionals and pest control operators without concern of legal impediment.


Restorative Drying

Powerful, compact and energy efficient, the RxHeat units provide clean, high-capacity, controlled heating and drying, and are especially effective for clean water intrusions from pipe breaks. Other applications include:

  • Flood restoration catastrophe response
  • Structural and content drying
  • New construction drying
  • Document drying.

Time is of the essence in the restoration industry, and RxHeat Drying Systems provide restoration and remediation professionals with a powerful tool for quick dry-outs, leading to happy adjusters and satisfied clients. RxHeat Drying Systems can pay for themselves after just a few water losses. 

Bedbug Eradication

Recent bedbug infestations have plagued the hospitality industry, especially in the Northeast, Pacific Northwest, Midwest and South. High heat has the ability to kill bedbug adults, larvae and eggs, eliminating not only the current infestation but also that of generations to come. RxHeat Systems provide an alternative to unreliable and undesirable chemical solutions, giving pest control operators a truly green, quick and dependable solution for their clients. And, because the two sizes allow for both smaller and larger commercial applications, RxHeat Systems are the go-to tool for pest control contractors with residential or commercial clients. These units been shown to pay for themselves with a minimal number of infestation treatments.

RxHeat Drying Systems by Cambridge Engineering — providing safe, efficient, green, dependable and portable solutions for remediation and pest control professionals.


This content was provided by RxHeat as part of a paid advertisement.
For more information, please contact 1-877-432-8297 or visit www.RxHeat.com.

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