Our Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2022 Pt. 2


Here is part 2 of our comprehensive list of the most viewed YouTube videos from our ISSA YouTube channel dedicated to all things clean. Be sure to also go back to Part 1 if you haven’t already seen the top videos from that article. We hope this list has been insightful, engaging, and a great way to look back on the entire 2022 year in video format. Until next year, happy viewing from the Cleanfax crew!

July: Monkeypox, sustainability, and DEI efforts

  • What Exactly Should You Expect From Your Google Ad Campaign?

  • Monkeypox Risk: Black Swan, Grey Rhino, or Boiling Frogs?

  • The STARS of ISSA: Lexi Green, ISSA Media Account Executive

  • The Value and Impact of Cleaning Industry Standards

  • Blood-Sucking Ticks: How to Avoid Becoming Their Next Meal

  • When Someone is Sick: How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home

  • How to Create the ‘Perfect Tech’

  • Hand Hygiene and Understanding Hand Sanitizers

  • The State of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Syncing DEI Initiatives With Workplace Culture

  • The Inside Story: How Robotics and Automation Impacts Cleaning and Maintenance in the 21st Century

  • How to Get into Concrete Floor Maintenance and Polishing

  • Sustainability Theater: Stop the Performance and Be Genuine

  • The Carpet Fiber Status Quo and Professional Carpet Cleaning Challenges

  • Does On-the-Job Sales Training Work?

  • How to Use Facebook Ads to Get More Customers and More Jobs

  • Monkeypox: Your Action Plan for Cars, Hotels, and Homes

August: Restoration pricing, PPE, and IAQ

  • How to Deal With Restoration Pricing Challenges

  • GBAC and Allergy Standards Respond to the United Nations Clean and Healthy Environment Declaration

  • Why PPE is Critical When Dealing with Monkeypox

  • How the Cleaning Industry Can Help to Eradicate Monkeypox

  • How to Minimize Indoor Sources of Air Pollution: A Panel Discussion with Leading Researchers

September: Howie Clean It, marketing, silly selfies, and ‘Rethink Clean’

  • The Inside Story: 2023 ISSA President Matt Vonachen

  • Key Ways To Successfully Implement Automation with ICE Cobotics

  • Howie Clean It, Episode 1: Hotel Edition

  • Howie Clean It, Episode 2: Restroom Edition

  • Howie Clean It, Episode 3: Restaurant Edition

  • The Strategy Behind ISSA’s ‘Rethink Clean’ Campaign

  • Cybersecurity and the Cleaning Industry

  • Markup vs Margin in the Restoration Industry

  • Why All Cleaning and Restoration Companies MUST Use A/B Testing

  • Clothes Moths and the Damage They Cause on Rugs and Fabrics

  • Who Needs To Be an Internet Marketing Expert?

  • Key Differences in Restoration Training and Development

  • From the IICRC: How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned?

  • Meet ‘Rosie the Robot’ and Venture into the World of Robotic Vacuums and Automation

  • What’s the Condition of YOUR Custodial Closet?

  • Cleaners Helping Cleaners: The Mark Saiger Story

  • The Faces of the Industry: Cleanfax ‘Silly Selfie Series’ at The Experience Las Vegas 2022

October: End Period Poverty, ISSA Show, and flood aftermath

  • A Cleaning Product Has Been Recalled: What You Need to Know

  • The ISSA Impact: Kimberly-Clark Professional and ISSA Share Milestone Moments in Time

  • A ‘Tripledemic’ of Flu, R.S.V., and COVID… Are They On a Collision Course?

  • Flesh Eating Bacteria and Flood Cleanup Precautions

  • Talent Acquisition Strategies for the Restoration Industry

  • Bridging the Restoration Contractor and Adjuster Gap

  • Laura Craven with Imperial Dade on ISSA’s 100 Years and Her Role as a Distributor Director

  • The Evolution of PPE and the Cleaning Industry

  • How Wayne County Airport Authority Adopted GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation

  • BREAKING NEWS! GBAC Introduces the Trusted Advisor Program

  • SPECIAL CLEANFAX REPORT: Hurricane Ian, Recovery Efforts, and Restoration Insurance Concerns

  • Stop Guessing and Start Solving: Digitize Your Facility Checklists, Site Assessments, and Audits

  • The Inside Story: How an ISSA Charities Scholarship Changed the Life of an Emerging Professional

  • WATCH! Gausium Robotics Takes Top Honor at the 2022 ISSA Innovation Award Program

  • The 2022 ISSA General Business Meeting, Achievement Awards, Announcements, and More

  • The Chemical Burden: What Is YOUR Responsibility?

  • The ISSA Impact: Imperial Dade, Unique Company Making an Impact on the Industry

  • The ISSA Impact: EPSI, a Company With a Focus on Its People

  • The Time is NOW! Join ISSA In the Mission To End Period Poverty

November: Insurance, IAQ, and using technology for customer satisfaction

  • The ‘Cost of Doing Business’ Exclusion Claim by Insurance Adjusters is Fake News

  • The Saga Continues: The Ongoing Conflict of a Hostile Restoration/Insurance Environment

  • Take Aim: Where to Focus Your Cleaning and Restoration Marketing Efforts

  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions: Ionization

  • Rethink IAQ: How to Blend Science and Cleaning to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Facilities

  • Providing Great Experiences Using Technology to Build Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

  • How the Pros Do It: Odor Mitigation Tips, Strategies, and Best Practices for Cleaning & Restoration

December: Staffing and more!

  • Master the Craft of Staffing Workloads to Inspire and Shape Your Facility Cleaning Program

See the first part of this amazing video compilation here! 

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