ISSA Media Editorial Director Jeff Cross met up with Jordan King, the new co-owner of chemical company MasterBlend during The Experience Convention and Trade Show 2019 to discuss the recent challenges that developed prior to the sale and how the Kings have worked to correct them by moving from MasterBlend users to the company’s owners.

“We saw that things were going south. We weren’t able to get product. We were really struggling to keep the product in stock for ourselves. So, we went out to Denver to speak to the previous owners a few months ago. We thought, ‘Hey, maybe we’ll pick up five or six formulas that we’ll make for ourselves and some friends around the country…Really quickly, we realized there was a play to bring the whole line back, which we’re super stoked to do. We’re going to be able to bring back 50 products here in the coming weeks.”

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He goes on to say, “We’re super excited. We should have production starting in roughly 2-2.5 weeks, and products should be arriving to distributors here in November.”

King says he wants to continue the relationships that MasterBlend has built with people around the country over the years because he knows from experience how important it is to have the right product.

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