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[infobox title=’Gearhead? You Are Not Compromising Anything When You Invest in a HydraMaster Direct Drive Truckmount’][/infobox]

hydramasterWhether you simply on want the highest level of power or you are driven by an intense dedication to desired cleaning job outcomes (cleaner carpet,  maximum appearance improvement, and faster drying times), you may feel like your next truckmount investment needs to be focused on the biggest and baddest truckmount  out there. You may have even heard or been told a HydraMaster Direct Drive Truckmount can’t match the performance of some other huge truckmount.

Let’s look at some of the most commonly brought up ideas about max performance from a truckmount:

Horsepower: This one is kind of a no-brainer. The HydraMaster CDS and CDS xDRIVE get their power from a 200+ HP water cooled engine. But it is not just about engine size. It is about the efficient transfer of power to the other components of a truckmount at the lowest consumption of gas.

Vacuum: Instead of focusing on the randomly assigned number scheme on the vacuum blower, consider that you are trying to maintain vacuum performance even as your vacuum hose runs extend beyond the traditional 150-200-foot “pull” of an average residential home. It’s all about extraction efficiency and reduced drying time — whether you are cleaning a 1,200-square foot house, a multi-level apartment building, or a 250,000-square foot convention center. The most important person to satisfy with your vacuum power is your customer. If the carpet dries faster, they are happy.

Heat: This is another easy one. A direct drive truckmount gets its heat source from the same things as the “biggest, baddest” truckmount: The engine, blower exhaust, and collected, ambient hot air. With the HydraMaster CDS xDRIVE, you even have the additional source of cooling the controller.Hydramaster

Dual-wand cleaning: Dual-wand cleaning is no problem with the HydraMaster CDS and CDS xDRIVE. But let’s just say you are one of those gearheads who wants triple-wand capacity. The first question we would ask is how often do you anticipate having the need for triple-wand cleaning? Perhaps a few times per year? If you only rarely need triple-wand cleaning, you could invest a small fortune in a truckmount that’s used at its full capacity less than 5% of the time and you’ll be limited to one jobsite. A better option would be to invest in a CDS Direct Drive Truckmount and a Boxxer 318 — at about the same cost or even less. Then you have three-wand capacity when needed, but the other 95% of the time, you can be on two job sites at once.

As you can see, a HydraMaster Direct Drive Truckmount provides all the power and performance you demand. Are you ready to open your gear-filled mind to the possibility that a direct drive truckmount delivers everything you need? Contact your local HydraMaster distributor today.

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[infobox title=’Getting the Best Truckmount “Deal” for Your Business Needs’][/infobox]

Great deals and bargain prices may be tempting, yet the best truckmount purchase for your business comes from meeting your business needs and ensuring long-term, hassle-free operation.

Whether you’re running a start-up or multi-truck operation for a cleaning and/or restoration business or doing residential or commercial jobs, Legend Brands offers a full range of high-performance, reliable truckmounts. Here are just two of our industry-leading machines — see more at

Everest 870HP: Multi-tool Cleaning and Extraction for the Most Serious Pros

LegendOur new flagship Everest 870HP delivers serious power for cleaning and restoration professionals working both residential and commercial jobs.

An ideal combination of industrial-grade components and proven engineering, the Everest 870HP is equipped with a Kubota 4-cylinder, 57 HP, fuel-injected gasoline engine with a cast iron block and liquid cooling to help ensure long life. The power plant drives a powerful Eurus vacuum blower that speeds extraction and leaves carpets drier.

870HP benefits:

  • Multi-tool cleaning and extraction for high productivity,
  • Consistent high heat – combines the innovative Sapphire Scientific heat exchange system with the proven Prochem water box and recirculation system,
  • Solution pressures up to 2,500 psi with FULL heat for amazing hard surface cleaning,
  • Ultimate control of cleaning temperatures using a well-proven thermal logic heat control system,
  • E-Idle system delivers economical operation – reduces fuel consumption by up to 23%,
  • Industry-leading 5-year limited warranty.

370SS Truckmount: High-Performance, Compact Industry Favorite

This best-selling truckmount delivers the hottest water and more vacuum than the competition and the best overall performance in its class. And the 370’s space-saving profile is ideal for today’s compact work vans, making it ideal for startup businesses and fleet expansion. The 370 delivers powerful, reliable cleaning for carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces and can also perform flood extraction.

370SS benefits:

  • Hotter water and stronger vacuum than the competition,
  • Smaller size – half the footprint of traditional units,
  • Extremely reliable – 2-year limited warranty protection,
  • Versatile – clean carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces!

Both truckmounts feature Cerakote® ceramic coating on their exhaust components to lower exhaust component heat levels by 30% or more. This reduces heat-related fatigue and helps ensure a longer life for truckmount components.

Built on Prochem’s 50-year legacy of quality and durability and Sapphire Scientific’s innovative engineering, Legend Brands truckmounts deliver superior performance, better cleaning, and longer life.

Legend Brands truckmounts are sold, installed, and serviced by a broad network of authorized distributors across North America. Legend Brands also offers the industry’s strongest warranty program, helping to preserve the value of your investment for years to come.

Contact: 800-932-3030   |   |

[infobox title=’The Ultimate Cleaning System’][/infobox]

Aero techAero Tech Manufacturing Inc. takes great pride in producing the highest quality equipment and delivering the performance and flexibility for the ever-changing cleaning and restoration market needs.

For more than 15 years, Aero Tech has been providing technical support and knowledge to ensure we deliver unmatched cleaning performance with the XT from Aero Tech. We engineer greatness into every XT that leaves our manufacturing facility.

Creative engineering blends well with quality construction and continued innovation to create the most powerful cleaning system available today. XT technology just keeps getting better, giving you the power and control needed to save time, conserve fuel and increase your profits.

The XT’s simple design and ease of maintenance make the unit versatile. Whether for cleaning, restoration, large jobs or small, this system is ready and reliable day in and day out.

With heat-as-you-drive technology, true dual-wand capability, deeper vacuum, customized storage and billboard-sized advertising wherever you go, the Aero Tech XT makes dollars and sense.

In addition to the XT’s power, its versatility is a real game changer; wherever your next job takes you, whether a residential or commercial carpet, tile and/or both, the XT offers extreme heat and true dual-wand capabilities.

Additionally, the dual pressure regulators allow for cleaning at two different pressures simultaneously. Have a third guy on a crew? A third connection can be utilized for pre-spray application.

Aero Tech’s direct approach to the market removes the middle man and provides a level of customer service and response needed for today’s busy professionals.Aero tech

New Features:

  • 5 dB noise reduction
  • All new 4-stage heating system produces more heat for high-flow, dual-wand cleaning.

XT’s Standard Equipment:

  • Hydraulic activated transmission PTO,
  • New Helical Tri-Lobe/Sutorbuilt blower, 660 ICFM @ 16” HG and maximum cleaning speed (engine rpm’s) of 1,550 RPM,
  • Water pump, 6 gpm, 1,600 psi max,
  • Last step chemical injection system,
  • 7 gallon chemical tank,
  • 210 gallon fresh water tank: Stainless steel, round design for added strength and durability (heats as you drive),
  • New 155 gallon waste tank: Stainless steel, round design for added strength and durability,
  • Electric Vacuum Hose Reel: Stainless steel (400-foot capacity of 2-inch hose), furnished with 200 feet of hose,
  • Solution hose reel: Stainless steel, (300-foot capacity of 1/4-inch hose), quantity of two furnished, each with 100 feet of hose,
  • Lint traps: Stainless steel, two each,
  • FRP van body, aluminum flooring,
  • Box fluorescent lighting, three each,
  • Dual wand hookup, 2.5-inch inlet connection,
  • Control panel: Stainless steel, industrial switches, industrial gauges,
  • Digital temperature control.

Contact: 866-390-2376   |

[infobox title=’Quality, Value, and Service Since 1980′][/infobox]

ButlerThe Butler Corporation is a family-owned American business, providing factory direct sales, service, and support to thousands of customers in all fifty United States as well as Bermuda, St. Maarten, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and various U.S. government agencies around the world.

Factory-direct communication with our customers is especially appreciated by those who operate their businesses in remote locations or where dependable local service is not available.

10-Year Warranty*

Every new Butler System is warrantied for 10 years at no additional cost. There are no limitations on machine hours, and the warranty may be transferred at no charge for up to one year.

Warranty coverage includes all major components: The Shaft Drive System, High Pressure Pump, Detergent Injection System, Vacuum/Blower, Heat Exchanger, Fresh Water Holding Tank, Recovery Tank, Vacuum Hose Reel, Pressure-Hose Reel, Holders, Racks, Trays and Shelving, etc.

Buy-Back Guarantee

The Butler Corporation’s Buy-Back Guarantee is an exclusive program that provides customers the opportunity to trade-in or cash-in their 15-year-old or newer Butler System/van at any time during ownership, including while financed or leased. Customers can choose this easy, convenient alternative to purchasing a new or pre-owned Butler System or to receive the buy-back value in cash.

The trade-in/cash-in value for a used Butler System/van could be as much as 75% (or more) of the original purchase price.

Vehicle Selection and Convenience

Convenience, availability, competitive pricing, and ease of financing are why most customers choose from our extensive vehicle selection.

We have available as many as 100 or more new and pre-owned vehicles at any one time, including regular and extended-length vans, cube vans, and trucks with a variety of optional equipment. Select vehicles are under warranty by the manufacturer for up to five years/100,000 miles. Pre-owned vehicles are provided with the remaining balance of the vehicle manufacturers’ warranty or The Butler Corporation’s exclusive pre-owned vehicle warranty.Butler 2

View our brochure online and request your free copy today!

The Butler Corporation is pleased to present, in full color, our NEW 96-page Butler System brochure, which showcases the machine preferred by thousands in the cleaning
and restoration industry.

*Warranty information available upon request. Exclusions, limitations, and disclaimers apply. Made in the USA

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