By Jeff Cross

Posting a message using just words is not bad, but it’s not the best way to build engagement. It’s time to embrace better social media habits.

Let’s keep this simple. Really simple.

While there are thousands of good, in-depth, and detailed articles — just Google it and you will see — on how to create a solid, effective social media strategy for building a business and landing more customers, you must start somewhere.

Starting simple and even keeping it that way is a concept that works for many, especially if you are the one doing not only the marketing, but also trying to manage the company.

As you think about your social media strategies, consider…

Igniting with images

It’s every marketer’s dream. His message gets posted and quickly gets traction and the attention of the marketplace. Most likely, an image was attached to the message. Ignite some action with your customers. Use images. You want them to see your message and spend some time engaged with it.

Posting a message using just words is not bad, but it’s not the best way to build engagement. Test it out. Post a message without images and track the results. Give it a few days and repost with an image. You will see…

Enticing with videos

Most of us scroll through our favorite social media sites hunting for videos that entertain. Your customers do the same. They want to laugh and be entertained. So, when you post videos, avoid being too stuffy. It’s OK to post funny stuff. Just keep it clean, and don’t overdo it.

Toss in the occasional “here is something about my company” message. It can show your cleaning process or you speaking to the camera. It can be testimonials from happy customers. Consumer tips on anything related to cleaning or damage prevention does well.

All of these should also be on your company YouTube channel for SEO purposes.

Embracing uniqueness

Don’t overdo cross-pollination. If your potential or current clients see the exact same content on all your social media platforms, they may start to tune you out or, worse, disconnect from you on several of them. There’s nothing wrong with using the same message on a few social sites, but don’t make it a practice to send it out to all of them. Using a tool like Hootsuite makes it easy to do this. Think before you push the button.

Use your favorite social sites as individual tools with unique messages. You want your customers to look forward to seeing your content.

Ignite, entice, and embrace. Make your social media strategies pay off by using all three concepts.

Jeff Cross is the executive editor of Cleanfax. He may be reached at