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Legend Brands builds on the legacy

Staying true to Prochem’s truckmount leadership, the 2018 Legend GT delivers a whole new generation of improvements. Incorporating the best of Sapphire Scientific technology with Prochem’s precision engineering, the Legend GT builds on the legacy of quality and performance customers have come to expect from these premier truckmount manufacturers.

When the first Prochem-built Legend truckmount rolled off the line over 20 years ago, it quickly became one of the industry’s best-selling units. It was slim enough to fit in virtually any vehicle, and it offered performance that rivaled popular propane water heater truckmounts. And, it was affordable. These breakthrough features meant professional cleaners could make the competitive leap from portable to truckmount extraction.

Fast-forward several years, and the next version of the Legend was also a game changer. The Legend SE delivered performance comparable to a direct-drive machine but for a lot less. Thousands of these units were sold, and many are still on the job today.

Enhanced features deliver better performance

  • For increased durability, the new Legend GT features an all-aluminum frame. Aluminum resists corrosion and provides better vibration dampening than the steel frame used in previous models.
  • An upgraded drive belt delivers improved durability and superior stretch resistance. Made of the same material used in automobile engine timing belts, this material is specifically designed to operate in high temps for long periods of time without stretching or degrading. For a truckmount, this translates directly into extended durability with less need to adjust belt tension and less time lost for maintenance.
  • The Legend GT also features a newly designed single-pass tube heat exchanger delivering the same performance customers have come to expect from a Legend. Glen Wilson, vice president and general manager of cleaning products for Legend Brands, says, “The heat exchanger is much less prone to freeze damage and is much less likely to clog from carbon buildup. This further reduces downtime and maintenance costs.”
  • The 23 HP Kohler engine now features a Kohler-installed oil cooler. This provides additional engine protection in the tough conditions truckmounts often operate.
  • The 2018 Legend is equipped with the same reliable Gardner Denver 4MVL positive displacement blower and 1,200 psi General water pump used on earlier models. The unit also retains its profile — the console measures just 32 inches wide. This makes the Legend GT a good choice for today’s smaller utility vans.

The 2018 Legend GT is sold and serviced by the industry’s largest network of North American distributors. Watch our videos at

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[infobox title=’The History of ProTeam’][/infobox]

In 1987, a vacuum design innovation from ProTeam® revolutionized commercial cleaning. The original lightweight backpack vacuum combined PVC pipes, a powerful motor, and several different filters to astonishing results. The backpack vacuum dramatically improved worker productivity, effectiveness and ergonomic comfort. It also extracted and eliminated more dirt than a commercial upright, canister, or dust mop.

The original lightweight backpack vacuum sparked a change in thinking and process that took the industry by storm. Maintenance crews in every arena quickly found that ProTeam backpacks saved money, time, and resources while improving indoor air quality. With durable materials and fewer moving parts, ProTeam vacuums also last for years, while reducing repair and maintenance issues.

ProTeam vacuums today

ProTeam now offers a full range of innovative vacuums designed to tackle every cleaning situation, including canisters, uprights, wet/dry vacuums and the world’s best-selling backpacks.


Launched in 2012, the Next Generation of Backpack Vacuums introduced a new triangular shape and a more user-friendly design to the lightweight backpack. The Super Coach Pro® 6 and 10 are equipped with a FlexFit® articulating harness with improved adjustability, responsiveness, and overall comfort.


The ProGuard® line of wet/dry vacuums range in capacity from a three-gallon handheld cordless to a 20-gallon walk-behind unit, all suited to efficient liquid cleanup. The ProBlitz® XP AirMover circulates air and dries flooring with three fan speeds and three drying positions.


The single-motor ProGen® has the innovative features and advanced maneuverability to set it apart from other upright vacuums. Cleaners can quickly remove clogs without tools through four convenient access points. The brush roll can also be removed without tools for quick service turn-around time.


In February 2017, the enhanced GoFree® Flex Pro cordless backpack vacuum set the new standard for vacuuming efficiency. With the power of a Lithium Ion battery, it cleans five times faster than an upright vacuum and 30 percent faster than a corded backpack. No other battery backpack can compete with the approximate 75-minute runtime of the GoFree Flex Pro.

Cleaning for Health®

Bacteria, pollen, dust, and dander trigger asthma and allergies, leading to a decrease in wellness and productivity. A ProTeam vacuum captures many unhealthy particles in a ProLevel Filtration® System, improving Indoor Air Quality.

In 2017, ProTeam renewed a longstanding educational partnership with the American Lung Association. As a National Proud Partner, ProTeam will continue its efforts to educate the public about the importance of healthy indoor air for the next three years.


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