CleanCore presents hidden benefits of no-chemical cleaning

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OMAHA, NE — CleanCore™, manufacturers of aqueous ozone cleaning systems, has released a list of often overlooked benefits of cleaning without chemicals, according to a recent release.

Not using chemicals is the obvious benefit of no-chemical cleaning, but Matt Montag, sales manager for CleanCore, says there are 10 others that should be considered.

Montag says these benefits are:

  1. No packaging required: Using no-chemical cleaning systems means no cleaning chemicals must be packaged in containers or boxes.
  2. Reduces transport needs and its environmental impact: Cleaning solutions are transported every day throughout the U.S., which costs money, requires fuel and releases greenhouse gases.
  3. Reduced storage needs: Some no-chemical cleaning systems are compact enough to be installed directly to water fixtures in a facility, essentially eliminating storage requirements.
  4. Always available: Some no-chemical cleaning systems are designed to be used on an “on-site/on demand” basis.
  5. It is safe: Aqueous ozone systems’ SDS (MSDS) indicates there are essentially no hazards when using these systems. No gloves, goggles or protective gear is required. The cleaning water can be disposed of by pouring down the drain.
  6. Safety: Because no chemicals are involved, there is no mixing or diluting of chemicals. Many cleaning worker injuries occur when they are mixing/diluting chemicals.
  7. Cold water: Most no-chemical cleaning systems work on cold water, eliminating the need and expense for hot water.
  8. Step beyond green cleaning: Without chemicals in the cleaning process, this form of cleaning has no impact whatsoever on the environment. (The ozone used in aqueous ozone cleaning is harmless and is the same as what is found naturally in the environment.)
  9. No chemical residue: Chemical left on surfaces can cause rapid re-soiling on floors, carpets and other surfaces. This is eliminated with no-chemical cleaning systems.
  10. Effective: Ozone has been shown to oxidize germs faster and more effectively than chlorine bleach.

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