August 2019 Restoration Profiles


[infobox title=’The Ultimate Cleaning System’][/infobox]

Aero Tech Manufacturing Inc. takes great pride in producing the highest quality equipment and delivering the performance and flexibility for the ever-changing cleaning and restoration market needs.

For more than 15 years, Aero Tech has been providing technical support and knowledge to ensure we deliver unmatched cleaning performance with the XT from Aero Tech. We engineer greatness into every XT that leaves our manufacturing facility.

Creative engineering blends well with quality construction and continued innovation to create the most powerful cleaning system available today. XT technology just keeps getting better, giving you the power and control needed to save time, conserve fuel, and increase your profits.

The XT’s simple design and ease of maintenance make the unit versatile. Whether for cleaning, restoration, large jobs, or small, this system is ready and reliable day in and day out.

With heat-as-you-drive technology, true dual-wand capability, deeper vacuum, customized storage, and billboard-sized advertising wherever you go, the Aero Tech XT makes dollars and sense.

In addition to the XT’s power, its versatility is a real game changer; wherever your next job takes you, whether a residential or commercial carpet, tile, and/or both, the XT offers extreme heat and true dual-wand capabilities.

Additionally, the dual pressure regulators allow for cleaning at two different pressures simultaneously. Have a third guy on a crew? A third connection can be utilized for prespray application.

Aero Tech’s direct approach to the market removes the middle man and provides a level of customer service and response needed for today’s busy professionals.

New features:XT image

  • 5 dB noise reduction
  • All-new, 4-stage heating system produces more heat for high-flow, dual-wand cleaning.

XT’s standard equipment:

  • Hydraulic-activated transmission PTO,
  • New Helical Tri-Lobe/Sutorbuilt blower, 660 ICFM @ 16-inch HG and maximum cleaning speed (engine rpm’s) of 1,550 RPM,
  • Water pump, 6 gpm, 1,600 psi max,
  • Last-step chemical injection system,
  • 7-gallon chemical tank,
  • 210-gallon fresh water tank: Stainless steel, round design for added strength and durability (heats as you drive),
  • New 155-gallon waste tank: Stainless steel, round design for added strength and durability,
  • Electric Vacuum Hose Reel: Stainless steel (400-foot capacity of 2-inch hose), furnished with 200 feet of hose,
  • Solution hose reel: Stainless steel, (300-foot capacity of 1/4-inch hose), quantity of two furnished, each with 100 feet of hose,
  • Lint traps: Stainless steel, two each,
  • FRP van body, aluminum flooring,
  • Box fluorescent lighting, three each,
  • Dual wand hookup, 2.5-inch inlet connection,
  • Control panel: Stainless steel, industrial switches, industrial gauges,
  • Digital temperature control.

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[infobox title=’A Moisture Meter Primer’][/infobox]

Water damage restoration work requires contractors to quickly assess and remediate to prevent further structural damage, mold growth, and other moisture-related issues. Correct assessment of the moisture conditions inside a damaged structure requires the right tools for testing the conditions of a structure and is critical to your success and reputation as a restorer.

With a quality moisture meter and thermo-hygrometer you can:

  • Quickly define the areas that are affected,
  • Identify what kind of drying equipment is best,
  • Monitor overall drying progress,
  • Verify the structure is dry.

Pin and pinless moisture meters are the two meter types used throughout the industry. Knowing how they work and what information they provide will help ensure you are making the most out of whichever type and brand of meter you use.

Which meter should I use?

Most technicians use both. It is hard to beat the convenience of a quick survey with a pinless meter and then follow up with more complete testing of problem areas with a pin meter and special application electrodes.

What does the reading mean?

Most moisture meters implement material scales that give the technician the flexibility to “measure” different building materials. Most meters feature a “wood” scale, and some have a drywall scale for a direct reading of MC percent. Almost all meters utilize at least one “relative” scale for comparative readings on non-wood materials. These also can be called reference or comparative scales. Some use the term “WME” because the reading is an indication of what the material would attain if in close contact and equilibrium with wood expressed as a percent moisture content of wood. These arbitrary scales vary in range from 0-100, 0-200, 0-300, and 0-1,000.

Since pin and pinless meter technologies respond differently to the presence of moisture, it is difficult to make direct comparisons between scales of different manufacturers. It is important to understand the basis of the calibration of each scale of the meter and learn how your meter behaves on specific materials and under varying conditions.

Moisture meters are proven, essential tools in the industry. Some are very simple, while others are feature-rich, combination devices. Regardless of which type or brand you choose, keep it calibrated and in good working order. A high-quality meter, built for the restoration environment and supported by a reputable manufacturer, is one of the best investments a restoration company can make.

Delmhorst manufactures the highest quality moisture meters available on the market for a variety of industries. Every Delmhorst product is assembled in the USA. Our commitment to product excellence and superior service is our hallmark. Delmhorst meters provide consistent and accurate moisture information on your product—valuable information you need to make critical decisions.

Contact: 877-335-6467  |  [email protected]  |

[infobox title=’An Indiana-Based Company Powers the Restoration Industry’][/infobox]

GMS Distribution (GMS) was founded in 2008 in Fort Wayne, IN by Gerrett M. Stier. He created GMS’s Portable Power Distribution Center (the “G-Unit”) in response to the restoration industry’s need for more electricity. Over the past decade, GMS has helped the restoration industry save time and money with the G-Unit — a small, compact, lightweight, colorful, and easy-to-use source of electricity that plugs into range and dryer 220v outlets. As president of GMS, Gerrett has 17+ years of experience in residential and commercial electricity as a journeyman electrician, manufacturer, and business owner/operator. In his own words, Gerrett shares why GMS is a valuable partner for the restoration industry:

What inspired you to create the G-Unit? 

When I was still working as a journeyman electrician, a good friend and restoration company owner/operator asked for my help to purchase power distribution equipment for his company. After searching online and seeing what was available, I told him I could make something better! I built the first G-Unit that following week and word about GMS quickly spread throughout the industry. In 2011, I partnered with Aramsco for national distribution. GMS now sells products in both the United States and Canada.

How does the G-Unit help the restoration industry?

The industry is constantly needing more power for equipment. Our UL-listed power boxes add 48 amps to residential job sites, save technicians time, and prevent tripped breakers. I put together a small, lightweight kit (32 lbs.) that fits all adapters, extension cords, and the box in one bag to keep everything together. We were also the first to sell plastic boxes, allowing techs to safely use our product with the old-style three-wire adapters.

What makes GMS unique?

Every G-Unit is hand assembled in the USA. GMS also sources more than 50% of materials from Indiana-based companies. Also, customer service is a top priority for GMS. I want to use my electrical expertise to help the industry. Electricity can be confusing, which is why I am available to help 24/7. My cell phone number is literally on our website. Contractors are always surprised when I answer their call on a Sunday evening! Finally, I stand behind everything that comes from my warehouse, as every product literally has my initials (GMS) on it. Our G-Units have a three-year full warranty.

What is next for GMS?

This year, we launched a new product (our first since the original G-unit) — a large-loss generator power distribution center. Our generator systems are custom built to our customers’ generator specs with an output range of 240-540 amps.

Contact: 260-312-2736   |

[infobox title=’Dri-Eaz® LGR 6000Li: Bringing you new technologies that make your job easier’][/infobox]

No doubt about it, restoration is hard work. Contractors are seeking advancements in drying strategies, and insurance companies are requiring better documentation to process payments. Our industry is quickly adapting to new technologies that make restoration more efficient.

Optimizing performance

The most significant advancements in dehumidifier technology are sensors and systems that adapt drying performance to ambient conditions. Dri-Eaz’s Extreme Dewpoint Technology™ (EDT) system connects a microprocessor to a proprietary controller with high-tech sensors that measure temperature and relative humidity through the dehumidifier’s inlets and outlets.

This exclusive Dri-Eaz-engineered system adjusts the blower speed, allowing either more or less air dwell time across the coils to optimize water removal in all conditions. This is a huge benefit since conditions vary across regions, seasons, and even day-to-day conditions on the job. In low-grain conditions, the results with EDT have been phenomenal — at least 40% higher low-grain water removal than with competitive units. EDT is readily available — Dri-Eaz utilizes it in all of its latest i-Series dehumidifiers including the LGR 7000 XLI, Revolution LGR, and its newest LGR 6000Li.

Intelligent onboard systems also provide maintenance prompts to clean coils and alerts to check and change filters, helping to sustain peak performance and the longevity of dehumidifiers.

Time-saving mobile app

Scanning QR codes on new Dri-Eaz equipment labels can auto-populate job documentation and give instant access to specific product information. Users simply scan into their Next Gear apps (if a subscriber) or instantly link to a mobile-friendly webpage with equipment specifications, how-to videos, and product manuals. This is especially helpful when questions arise out in the field about pint removal, amp usage, etc., when setting up equipment.

Preventing on-the-job hassles

What about other, less digital advances? With the new Dri-Eaz® LGR 6000Li, Legend Brands achieved significantly quieter operation — lower decibels AND a lower frequency range that’s less annoying to the human ear. This dramatically reduces the chance that the occupants will turn off a unit and disrupt drying progress.

Another smart design for the LGR 6000Li factored the average height of stairs into the wheel size and placement, allowing units to travel up and down steps with ease and reducing the stress on technicians’ backs and on customers’ stairs.

All of these advances help raise the level of professionalism in the industry by enhancing documentation, decision making, ease of use, and drying effectiveness.

We are all working hard to make restoration more efficient.

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 [infobox title=’Meet the DryLINK® Ecosystem, New in 2019 from Phoenix’][/infobox]

You can truly BE EVERYWHERE AT ONCE with DryLINK® 2.0, DryTAG, DrySENSE, and DryPHONE!

DryLINK® 2.0, new and improved

DryLINK® is a free app with a free drying report that works with iOS and Android devices. You can take atmospheric and moisture content readings in seconds using Bluetooth technology.  You can track your equipment with last known location, monitor jobs in real-time, and get alerts if equipment is turned off.

DryLINK® 2.0

  • Support for DrySENSE—moisture measurements (automatic or manually entered)
  • Support for DryTAG—can be added to any equipment inventory tracking, on/off notifications, job hours, and life hours
  • Support for DryPHONE—remote monitoring and alerts
  • Advanced graphical drying report
  • Add non-connected equipment to company inventory
  • Recording of chamber dimensions and chamber notes
  • Notification of out-of-date firmware for nearby dehumidifiers
  • New equipment icons and several user-interface updates



DryTAG Bluetooth Beacon benefits:

Saves time

  • Save time on job setup
  • Automatically provides days of use and serial number to the drying report

Inventory tracking

  • Gives you the last known location on a map with no monthly fee

Additional benefits with DryTAG

  • Logs when equipment is turned off
  • Provides a job and lifetime hour meter
  • Battery life indicator with notifications

Additional Benefits with DryPHONE

  • Sends real-time alerts if equipment is turned off
  • Provides usage data remotely


DrySENSE Bluetooth Material Moisture Level Sensor benefits

Saves time

  • Automatically fills out your drying report


  • Gives you the last known location of the sensor with no monthly fee

Additional benefits with DrySENSE

  • Data logs every six hours
  • Calibrate the RH sensor
  • Battery life indicator with notifications

Additional benefits with DryPHONE

  • Provides real-time drying information remotely




DryPHONE remote monitoring (optional) benefits

Saves time

  • Enter daily readings remotely
  • Rearrange daily visits based on actual conditions

Remote control of dehumidifiers

  • Enable Quiet Mode Remotely
  • Remote Diagnostics


DryMAX with Bluetooth

Saves time

  • Enter daily readings automatically
  • Data logs conditions every 15 minutes

Inventory tracking

  • Last known location

Additional benefits

  • Control your dehumidifier with your app
  • Update your firmware with your app
  • Get current readings including temp, RH, GPP, GD, Job Hours, Life Hours, Fan CFM, Coil Temp

Additional benefits with DryPHONE

  • Remote control of your dehumidifier from anywhere
  • Remote diagnostics


DryLINK® drying report

  • Automatically filled out atmospheric and moisture content data with equipment usage
  • Data automatically flows from the app to the report
  • Job summary report with easy-to-read data graphs

The DryLINK® FREE mobile app 2.0 update

  • Manual moisture readings added
  • Multiple visits per day supported
  • Chamber dimensions and percent wet added

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[infobox title=’Game Changers: 5 Tools to Use with Your Wet/Dry’][/infobox]

Have you ever arrived on a jobsite to discover that you don’t have the tools you need? With the wrong tools, work becomes time-consuming, backbreaking, and inefficient. But when you use the right tool for the job, everything falls into place.

ProTeam® created the largest vacuum in their wet/dry line to tackle the biggest jobs. The ProGuard® 20 has a 20-gallon capacity and powerful suction for quick cleanup. The ProGuard 20 comes with a standard set of useful tools, but restoration contractors can expand their arsenals to address more specific cleaning situation. The below ProTeam tools can help speed up restoration cleanup.

28-inch front-mount squeegee

When it comes to flood restoration, time is of the essence. Choose this squeegee to efficiently capture large volumes of water from smooth surfaces. The wide, 28-inch blade cleans flush against walls and corners.

36-inch one-bend bulk pick-up tool

When the area is filled with debris, this bulk pick-up tool saves time. It provides 3 feet of extra reach to capture pieces of large debris without hunching over or straining to reach. This approach improves productivity while easing user comfort.

12-inch paddle tool

Designed to clean flooring under low obstacles, the paddle tool is only 2.5 inches tall. Use it with a two-bend, coupling-style wand to clean under shelving, furniture, or equipment.

28-inch crevice tool

Another tool that helps with hard-to-reach areas, this crevice tool gets into tight places with an extra two feet of cleaning access. It can also be used to clean baseboards, corners, and edges.

14-inch hard surface tool with nylon brush

In delicate cleaning situations, use the gentle hard surface tool with nylon brush. Capture medium to large particulate from tile, marble, vinyl, linoleum, wood, and concrete while quickly maneuvering obstacles.

Browse tools at

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