20 Best SWAG Items Your Company Should invest in Before ISSA Show North America 2022


By Samantha Hager

Conferences, trade shows, and conventions all serve as far more than opportunities to stay up-to-date with industry innovations and products. One of the most beneficial elements of a great event is the networking opportunities that come along with it. 

For the ISSA Show North America 2022, there will be plenty of chances to connect with like-minded brands, leaders, and innovators that specialize in all things clean. But, with an opportunity as monumental as this, the impressions you make are incredibly important for success and effective connection-making. As Will Rogers once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

To network and connect on a more intimate level just in time for the ISSA Show, we’ve put together a list of some of the best conversation-starting SWAG items business leaders and industry experts should definitely be pre-ordering today. With this list by your side, you’re sure to make the best first impressions and continue to linger in the minds of your industry’s best for years to come. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in. 

What Makes the Best Conference SWAG Gifts?

Before breaking down our list of the top 20 SWAG gifts, it’s important that we first define what makes a truly great gift for a show, convention, or conference to begin with. 

Essentially, a great SWAG item will fit in one or more of these categories: 

  • Memorable
  • Quality 
  • Shareable 
  • Creative 
  • Durable 
  • Comical

If your choice is one of the 20 hand-picked by our team at Cleanfax below, you are guaranteed to have one or more of these crucial elements associated with your SWAG thus setting you up for certain success. Now, with the elements of a great SWAG gift clearly defined, it’s time to take a look at 20 surefire ways to set your brand and yourself apart as the ISSA Show North America 2022 rapidly approaches. 

wireless charger

1. Personalized wireless charger 

One of the most common occurrences at any event is having your phone die during important meetings, networking opportunities, or demos. Fortunately, with this SWAG item, you can be the answer to all of your colleague’s prayers by providing them with a wireless charger that just so happens to also have your logo on it too. 

cable quack

2. Cable quack

As something that every business professional could stand to have, a cable quack with your logo on it is an optimal solution to keep your colleagues thinking of you for years and using your quality SWAG in the office. 

reusable water bottle

3. Reusable water bottle

Staying hydrated is one thing every convention attendee worries about. With reusable water bottles for your brand, you can show your commitment to the environment and sustainability while simultaneously providing a hydration solution to those that meet with you during the event. It’s a great way to get people to visit your company booth and chat with your team in an unimposing manner. 

travel coffee mug

4. Travel coffee mug

After dozens of demos, meetings, early mornings, and hectic flights, most ISSA Show attendees are sure to need some coffee to keep going. With travel coffee mugs, you can keep your company in their minds from the moment they wake up while also giving them a valuable SWAG gift they’re sure to keep. You can also benefit from free advertising as they walk around the show carrying your mug in hand. 

personalized hoodie

5. Personalized hoodie

Although this is a more expensive option, a custom hoodie can be a great SWAG gift for connections you make on a deeper level during the ISSA Show North America. For instance, if you meet with another brand for coffee and agree to work together in the future, having a hoodie ready to give is a way to show your appreciation and make a great impression on your new business connection. 

custom poncho

6. Custom poncho

In the fall, rain is something that happens unexpectedly and can leave many unprepared and completely soaked. However, personalized ponchos offer a bit of support, exemplify your company’s preparedness and thoughtfulness, and lead to a lot of gratitude when they finally must be opened and your logo pops out along with this useful little gift. 

mini phone fan

7. Miniature phone fan

While Chicago may be the ‘Windy City,’ the truth is that Chicago was actually dubbed this based on politicians that were ‘full of wind’ and not on its weather. As such, it doesn’t hurt to offer a bit of comfortable air to an overheated attendee trapped in multiple filled rooms and warm spaces. 

With a customized mini phone fan, you can benefit from the novelty of this SWAG gift along with its usefulness and ability to market your brand unabashedly too. Although, be sure to get several for Androids and iPhones since there are bound to be plenty of both at the ISSA Show. 

8. WebCam cover

For some, privacy is highly important, and a company that recognizes that is one that certainly deserves praise and profits. That’s why WebCam covers are a terrific SWAG item that is both useful and unique while also being small and affordable to buy in bulk. 

9. Moleskine journal with a slogan

With over ​​500 exhibitors and multiple courses and demos to attend, the ISSA Show North America 2022 is one that requires plenty of paper and pens to take notes. For this reason, providing your colleagues with customized moleskine journals is a thoughtful way to help them out while also getting your brand and a clever slogan out there. 

Some clever slogans you could add include, “I went to the ISSA Show North America 2022 and all I got was this lousy notebook,” “If you write it down, you can make it happen.—Staness Jonekos,” and “Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think.—Albert Einstein.” 

Face masks

10. Face mask

Although COVID-19 safety precautions have been eased in most states, many event attendees will still likely want face masks to feel safe and not potentially harm others. Having said this, bringing your own custom face masks can be a way to guarantee your SWAG is taken and used during the event. Not to mention the fact that you then have free access to the literal faces of your colleagues as billboards in the most respectful way possible. 

desk succulent

11. Desk succulent

When trying to ‘nurture’ new business relationships, desk succulents can be a very unique and cool gift to give. This is especially true for indoor air quality (IAQ) brands as succulents actually can help to improve IAQ. To learn more about what succulents help with IAQ, check out this article on air-purifying succulents. Adding a personal note about ‘growing’ your business relationship or helping to ‘purify the world’ also adds to the value of this gift idea. 


12. Earplugs

With plenty of events and not much time for quality sleep in between, offering something as thoughtful as a pair of personalized earplugs can be a nice way to help your colleagues get undisturbed sleep, enjoy their plane rides home, and protect their ears if they plan on attending any after-show parties or get-togethers at clubs and venues. 

candy bar

13. Customized candy bars

When running around all day and trying to make the most out of the ISSA Show, it can be hard to find time to truly eat and feel energized. On top of this, who doesn’t love chocolate? With customized candy bars, you can easily become the ‘cool booth’ at the show and also offer something quick and sweet to those that need a boost during the day. 

snack bag

14. Snack bags

If a candy bar isn’t your style, you can also offer snack bags that can include healthy options like nuts and granola or more indulgent options such as truffles and toffee. No matter what goes into your snack bags, just be sure to personalize the bags and make them reusable to ensure they are kept even after the snacks are gone. 

water and sodas

15. Waters and sodas

While they may not be a long-lasting option, a company sticker on a bottle of water or a personalized soda can is one surefire way to appeal to attendees, get a line going at your booth, and promote your brand in a charming way. 

unique pens

16. Unique pen

Pens are one of the most common SWAG items at events. However, there are still ways to stand out with pens—if you know what people like. Novelty pens such as scented pens, dart pens, and spinner pens are all ways to reinvent and reinvigorate the use of these standard gifts as SWAG. They also serve as great conversation-starters and allow you to use slogans and clever phrases. For instance, a key-shaped pen could say, “We’re the key to a cleaner future” while a baseball pen could say, “When odor strikes, we’ll hit a home run.” 

Wooden metal business cards

17. Wooden or metal business card

Sometimes, the best SWAG is something that isn’t all that useful but more so unique. According to Graphics Zoo, 88% of all business cards end up in the trash within the first week. Similarly, 72% of consumers judge companies and people based on the quality of their business cards. By offering a unique wooden or metal engraved business card, you will encourage individuals to keep your card even if just to show people at the event. With something as unique as a wooden or metal card, you increase the chances of your card being kept and your colleagues thinking highly of your company for not much more than it costs to print on paper. 

sample products

18. Sample products

 With a company that has highly useful cleaning products of its own, offering sample items that can help with the cleanliness of your colleagues’ hotel rooms is a wonderful way to showcase your products and incentivize your SWAG as well. Something as simple as disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, or a microfiber cloth can be highly useful to the show-goers and allow you to showcase your products in a real-world and firsthand manner. 

lint roller

19. Lint roller

Part of a good first impression is your appearance. At the ISSA Show North America 2022, it’s crucial that your industry’s best actually look their best. By adding your company branding to something as simple as a lint roller, you’re offering value for your SWAG, encouraging leaders to pick up your gifts every morning, and facilitating top-of-mind awareness for your company every morning of the show when they lint roll their jackets, sweaters, or suits. 

gag gifts

20. Gag gifts galore

They say laughter is the best medicine. So, when creating an Rx for business success, why not throw a pair of silly sunglasses or a wacky whistle in the mix? When all publicity is good publicity, having someone as corny as a meme sticker, a temporary tattoo of your company logo, or an ‘invisible ink’ pen can be a terrific way to stand out, get people talking, and encourage more leaders to visit your booth or meet with you to get a gag gift likewise. 

Now that you have a comprehensive list of awesome SWAG gift ideas for the ISSA Show, all that’s left is to order away and register for the All-Access pass while it’s still available. We look forward to seeing you all there and getting a few of your awesome SWAG items in our SWAG bags in no time! 

To learn more about the ISSA Show North America 2022, check out our coverage of the event and exclusive video with the Director of the ISSA Show, Amie Gilmore. 

You can also see sneak peeks of the speakers and innovation awards brought to you exclusively by Cleanfax as well.


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