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By Amanda Hosey

Last year was a year of excitement—both for the larger industry and us at Cleanfax. The restoration industry banded together to form the Restoration Industry Association’s Advocacy and Government Affairs committee, which is working diligently to get restorers the respect they deserve, from working with those who set pricing to ensure fair pay to lobbying for the industry in Washington. The carpet cleaning industry saw big gains in profits from a booming economy, with many working to expand their companies. And Cleanfax produced some of its most in-depth industry articles.

I’m so proud of the work we did this year—the range of topics, technical nature, and lessons. I hope each of you found something that you could implement or explore (or pin to your wall as many tell us they do) to help you create greater success in 2019 and beyond. As we look ahead to the new year and the excitement and change it, no doubt, will also bring, I’d like to take a moment to look back at the top articles of 2019 in case you missed something you might need for your 2020 plans.

Of the top 10 articles of 2019, 80% were technical articles, addressing everything from mold remediation to dust mites to absorbent compound cleaning. It shows something I’ve always known: This is an industry of industrious workers who constantly look for ways to grow and change. This is not an industry for the stagnant.

The most read article of 2019 was Scott Warrington’s “The Brave New World of Carpet Cleaning,” in which he reiterates the importance of fiber ID tests as the popularity of fibers continues to evolve. The article looks at the best processes and chemistries as polyester dominates more and more of the market.

Some of my own articles appear in the most-read article list (Thanks for reading!), like number eight, “Restorative Drying in the Modern Age.” In that article, I spoke with industry instructors and thought leaders on the effects of connectivity, technology, and equipment advancements on the restoration industry. It offers a look at faster dehumidification and drying times with modern equipment, connected devices that allow offsite monitoring and adjustments, the overuse of heat, and a lot more.

If eight of the most-read articles of 2019 were technical articles, what were the other two, you might wonder? Coming in at number four on our list was Jeff Carrier’s “2019 SEO Ranking Guide,” an online-only exclusive article that delves into Google’s algorithm updates and offers techniques for ranking high despite the constant algorithm changes. This 2019 guide is still applicable in 2020, so give it a read before reading the 2020 SEO Ranking Guide, online now as well. Steve Toburen’s “Residential Set-up List,” which offers a systems approach to job set up, allowing owners to create a process that streamlines technicians’ time onsite, came in at number nine on our list.

The top articles of last year are a testament to our industry’s propensity for self-improvement, which I’m sure will continue in this new year. As for Cleanfax, we have another year of exciting articles planned for you. In 2020, look for articles on drones’ future uses in the restoration industry, details on up-and-coming specialty services, whether to buy or lease equipment, and a whole lot more. Seek us out at shows all year long to stop and say hello or to offer your own ideas on topics we need to cover this year (or shoot me an email at [email protected] anytime). I love hearing from you.

Find the complete list of the top 19 articles of 2019 online now.

And Happy New Year to you all!



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