Tracking Trends: What Does 2023 Have in Store for Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Pros?


By Samantha Hager

As the new year is finally upon us, new opportunities, market trends, and consumer trends are sure to appear as well. As a carpet cleaning or restoration professional, your ability to track and go along with these shifting tides is crucial to continued success and growth throughout the 2023 year. While 2022 was filled with discussions of proper hygiene and cleaning protocols, supply chain disruptions, DEI efforts, product comparisons, and business management/leadership topics, 2023 is sure to not only add to these various subjects but incorporate new ones for continued business expansion, networking, and industry growth.

As a leader in news and insightful content for the cleaning and restoration industries, Cleanfax has put together this list of projected trends for 2023 as well as a few ways in which we intend to cover them and help industry leaders ‘follow the current’ no matter what this new year has in store. Take this list of projected trends, prepare for them accordingly, and be ready to transform your brand with a 2023 outlook in mind.

Trend #1: Tech integration and cybersecurity

Already, the cleaning and restoration industries have begun to embrace all forms of technology in order to streamline processes, analyze projets, and comunicate with customers in an effective manner. However, in 2023, it is projected that tech integration and cybersecurity concerns will be a highly trending topic. As such, we at Cleanfax will ensure plenty of content not just on the latest technology advancements in the industry but also how to harness them for success and still create a safe tech environment.

Trend #2: Modern leadership strategies

In the past, leadership strategies have revolved solely around the same concepts of honesty, conviction, transparency, and collaboration. However, there are now new leadership strategies that every leader should add to their daily operations in order to acquire the very best team members and bring their company in the 21st century seamlessly. These strategies are predicated on compassion, consideration, DEI initiatives, and recognizing the value in a healthy work/life balance for all. As a point, Cleanfax will be taking this transition very seriously by developing an entirely new series entitled, ‘Leaderships Tips’ which will focus on these modern methods and how companies can utilize them for increased success and engagement moving forward.

Trend #3: Supply chain diversification

While 2022 focused on the disruptions that rocked the supply chain and destabilized countless companies, 2023 aims to take this one step further by looking at ways to diversify the supply chain, localize it, and increase its resiliency in order to handle disruptions swiftly. Supply chain diversification is based on the concept of choosing diverse suppliers in your local area on a series of data points in order to grow alongside your suppliers and never be forced to rely on overseas inventory ever again. To help companies succeed in these endeavors, Cleanfax will be taking steps to inform our readers in 2023 on everything necessary to diversify the supply chain and find long-lasting success and resiliency moving forward.

Trend #4: Inflation concerns

According to the American Express Small Business Recovery Report, three out of four American small business owners say they have been negatively impacted by high inflation. To counteract these issues and overcome concerns, Clenafax will be working to create content dedicated to reducing expenses, maximizing the tech tools you already have, and saving profits through employee and customer retention.

Trend #5: Sustainability and green cleaning

Although we at Cleanfax have already begun to prioritize this trend in our monthly content, our aim is to take this one step further in 2023 and beyond. Sustainability and green cleaning has become such a major part of the industry that it only make sense that it is covered with the same level of depth, comprehensiveness, and excitement that the trend itself seems to hold.

Trend #6: Immersive customer experiences

In the past, customer experiences were as simple as a handshake, a contract, and a bill. Nowadays, the customer experience should be multifaceted, rely o nvarious different digital strategies to be handled, and have a sense of compassion and transparency in every step. As such, we at Cleanfax ill be covering some of the best ways to connect with your target audience in 2023 ranging from communication hubs and buyer personas to social media strategies and email drip campaigns.

Trend #7: Employee and customer retention/satisfaction tactics

One of the biggest topics that remains a huge trend even in 2023 is how to retain and satisfy employees and customers to save as well as earn profits year-round. For this, we’ll be breaking down some of the best ways to boost your employee retention rates, satisfy and keep customers coming back, and attract new customers and employees likewise in 2023.

Trend #8: Compensation and benefits

Part of the employee satisfaction and retention strategies is sure to focus on compensation and benefits. As the new year is here, many emploees in every industry expect different compensations and benefits to offset inflation, keep them coming in-house, and feeling satisfied with the respect they receive from your brand. To help with these efforts, the Cleanfax crew will be sharing multiple ways to compensate your team and provide benefits comparable to the rest of the industry without breaking the bank.

Trend #9: Networking, webinars, and events

There are countless networking opportunities,webinars, and events scheduled for 2023 worldwide. To stay up to date with all of these events and important opportunities, Cleanfax will be sharing the latest news, Cleanfax webinars, and industry events that every leader should attend in 2023. To start, The Andrew ƃā€žsk Building Science Symposium and a very exciting Cleanfax webinar are soon to come!

Trend #10: Advanced digital marketing and social media strategies

Lastly, digital marketing and social media are highly important elements of a successful business strategy. However, every year, the trends change and the ways in which customers utilize these platforms change as well. For this, we at Cleanfax intend to help present some of the most unique, modern, and futuristic strategies that companies can use in 2023 to revamp their social media and digital marketing games moving forward.

With the projected trends all outlined and plans to cover them shared, we hope that Cleanfax will be your go-to industry magazine for 2023 as well, and we can’t wait to show you the exciting content we have in store to help you track and tackle these trends through every quarter with ease.


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