The Top 15 of ’15

Goodbye 2015

With 2015 officially behind us, it seems a good time to look back on another great year in carpet cleaning and disaster restoration. Below are the most-read articles of 2015 from Cleanfax and Check out this list to see what you missed and reread your favorites.

The Carolina Protocol™1

In a nutshell: The Carolina Protocol will save significant amounts of time and money and deliver a properly performed mold remediation project. The process involves the use of regular hydrogen peroxide, and the appropriate steps are given within this article.

Author: Richard Driscoll


Using Heat without Getting Burned2

In a nutshell: This article looks at each of the concerns using heat in drying brings to restorers in an effort to help industry pros leverage this important component of drying.

Author: Brandon Burton


Like a Pro!3

In a nutshell: Stain removal only the experts use, from knowing how to set proper customer expectations to ID-ing stains removing them.

Author: Executive Editor Jeff Cross


The Coming Storm4

In a nutshell: Consumers are shifting to social review sites for help in choosing service companies. The first companies that adapt to this change will ride a wave of success that can establish their dominance in the industry for years to come.

Author: Steve Marsh


How Desiccant Dehumidifiers Work5, part one (part two)

In a nutshell: When large catastrophic events occur, large desiccant dehumidifiers can provide a means of dehumidification when little or no power is available. This two-part article explains what this restoration tool is and steps to improve performance and speed up the drying process.

Author: Brandon Burton


How LinkedIn Warms the Way6

In a nutshell: Content marketing on LinkedIn “warms the way” for potential customers to learn about you and, even more important, get a feel for whether you and your business are right for them.

Author: Robert Kravitz


Selling to Everyone, Selling to No One7

In a nutshell: Pick a couple of markets initially that you know you can add value to. Then the goal should be to dig deep into that niche. Dig so deep that you truly understand those customers’ needs, their challenges and their goals.

Author: Joshua Solloway


Humidity Defined8

In a nutshell: The restorer must use several different measures of humidity to fully understand how to increase evaporation. This quick guide looks at relative humidity and its specific measures.

Author: Brandon Burton


Cleaning Frequency9

In a nutshell: The IICRC released this infographic, which aims to help you supply cleaning frequency recommendations for customers — ready for printing and handing out.

Author: IICRC


Get Aggressive10

In a nutshell: Experience better results with more aggressive drying, but be sure to maintain a high level of professionalism and be careful not to overcharge. Then, ideally, adjusters will micromanage less and trust restoration contractors to provide the best value.

Author: David Oakes


11Smelly Intrusions

In a nutshell: In order to completely satisfy our clients, it may be necessary to remove both the real odor and the odors they only think they smell, known as “psychological odors.” Our professional manner, the tools we use, and our own confidence in our ability and training all play roles in assuring them we have completed the task thoroughly and correctly.

Author: Scott Warrington


12The Long Journey to Encapsulation

In a nutshell: A quick guide to understanding the often-misunderstood cleaning method including what exactly encapsulation is and when and how to use it.

Author: Fred Geyen


Using Aqueous Ozone in Carpet Cleaning13

In a nutshell: Most carpet cleaning professionals are well aware of ozone generators most often brought in to treat extreme odor problems, but we are starting to see ozone being used to clean carpet. Here’s more information on this new trend.

Author: Matt Montag


Developing SEO Trust14

In a nutshell: A growing trend in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is people not trusting their SEO company. This article looks at six common SEO mistakes and misconceptions as well as the top ten brutal truths regarding SEO.

Author: Joe Burnich


ATP Sampling Made Simple15

In a nutshell: Since ATP is found in all living cells, an ATP sampling device is an effective means of sampling a surface for mold and microbial contamination. See an in-depth look at this tool and its use.

Author: Neil Grant

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