The Busy Season

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By Amanda Hosey

The flowers are blooming everywhere in Alabama where I live, telling us spring is here, and with it comes the busy season for many of our readers.

While in the last few years more cleaners noted a lack of slow down in the December to March months that have traditionally been slower for the industry, most still experience weak sales in months preceding the “spring pop.” Whether your company has seen a slow season, it’s a great time to make sure you’re ready for a busy one.


Anticipating demand isn’t guesswork anymore. You have, at your fingertips, plenty of data to see what’s to come in the spring. Take time to look into data you’ve collected from the last three years to better prepare yourself for the busy season.

Do you need to take on temporary employees to handle the workload? Did you reach your marketing goals last year; if not, how can you adjust your marketing plans for this spring? Are your competitors handling their workload better; if so, how are they better accommodating that increased demand? Do any of your staff members need training before things get busy?

Revising your budget before the season gets going is also a good plan. Look at your sales and expenses in the last few busy seasons to see what you stocked too much of when you should have made a marketing push, etc.


It’s also time to take stock of all your equipment, tools, and other cleaning products. Are you stocked up on your chemicals? Have any tools gone missing that need replacing?

Most importantly, have your truckmounts had their “spring cleanings”? You can review a thorough explanation of truckmount maintenance at, but here’s a quick checklist of some of the most essential maintenance steps:

  • Change the engine oil and filters.
  • Lubricate the vacuum blower and change the solution pump oil.
  • Make sure your solution hoses haven’t been damaged from the cold or wear.
  • Check the condition of your water pump seals.

Thinking of replacing or adding a new truckmount? Spring is a good time to consider it. Although new equipment may cost you, it will help with revenue generation. You know your financial situation — make a smart choice. If you plan things out well, new equipment can pay for itself quickly during the busy season.

If you’ve been waiting the last few months for things to start up again in the spring, make sure the wait was worth it. Take the time to put in some work ahead of time to make sure your company is ready to succeed this spring.

Amanda Hosey

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