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LAS VEGAS, NV.—September 10, 2022—The 2022 Experience Convention and Trade Show began Wednesday, September 7, in Las Vegas and ran through Friday, September 9, at the Caesar’s Forum. The in-person event featured a full lineup of education sessions, product demonstrations, and networking opportunities for professionals in the cleaning and restoration industry. Scroll this page for pictures and videos from the event, as well as highlights from all three days.

September 9 at The 2022 Experience Convention and Trade Show

Day Three in Review


experience third day

  • Day three started with Lisa Wagner, The Rug Chick, explaining Silk and Fake Silk Rug Primer.
  • As part of this engaging course, Lisa shared guidance on identification, spotting common issues before the cleaning starts, and case studies on what can (and can’t) be done safely to clean silk and fake silk rugs.
  • Rudy McLaughlin from EverConnect Marketing & Management. also discussed how to ‘Make Your Marketing Match Your Consumer Experience.’
  • McLaughlin explained how to extend your brand beyond your website and your SEO through print and digital lead generation.

experience food day 3

  • Jim Bardwell III, Fiber Protector America, hosted the course, ‘How to Handle Sales Objections When Selling Cleaning and Restoration Services €¦Turn Your Clients No into €¦Yes!’
  • Bardwell III shared proven strategies to masterfully navigate objections and lead productive presentations that turn into more closed business at higher, more profitable price points.
  • Bill Luallen, XLNorth, described the best cleaning practices for today’s carpets and took a closer look at the latest carpet fiber technologies.
  • Amanda Stichter, Virtual Vision Computing, covered a very important topic for company owners with a course entitled, ‘ROI on Digital Marketing: Who, What, Why, When & Where.’
  • The course featured a breakdown of various marketing strategies and how effective they actually are for companies.
  • The Experience Las Vegas trade show hall for 2022 opened at noon and lasted until three with a light lunch served to all guests attending the event.
  • Additional events are set to occur during the weekend for exclusive attendees looking to learn even more.

September 8 at The 2022 Experience Convention and Trade Show

Day Two in Review


  • The day began with a presentation on leveling up your contents game as a restoration professional by David Gavilanes of Blue Kangaroo Packoutz.
  • David Gavilanes shared how small, medium, and large boxes have roughly the same payload making smaller boxes a safer and more educated choice.
  • Gavilanes also stressed the importance of separating by material type as well as protecting each item with a barrier of paper, shrinkwrap, and padding.
  • One of the most important things Gavilanes shared with the class attendees was the importance of assigning different roles to the different members of your team for speed, efficiency, and experience.
  • You can see Gavilanes’ additional contents insights in the September/October 2022 Cleanfax digital edition.  

  • Tryna Cooper also presented a highly useful class on developing a million-dollar mindset.
  • As Cooper stated in the class, “When you choose to do something and put energy around it, you will attract the right people, but negativity will have the opposite effect.
  • Cooper also stated a quote by Socrates: “The secret to change is to do us all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
  • ‘Accepting the unacceptable’ is how we handle what we cannot change positively and grow from these setbacks instead of letting them consume us.
  • The concept of relationships played a large role in this course as you have to be open to talking with new people, surround yourself with success, and be willing to learn. As Cooper states, “Light attracts light.”
  • You have a ‘responsibility’ to ‘respond with ability,’
  • The main focus was how we manifest our lives and how this manifesting can affect our business either positively or negatively.

  • Doug Hoffman presented a unique class on how to properly assess for MOLD and IAQ in order to keep clients satisfied.
  • NORMI shared a clip from Dr. Oz on inspectors improperly checking air quality and identifying mold in a home.
  • No inspectors in the undercover video were certified mold inspectors.
  • Professionals must be certified in mold inspection and cleaning to keep customers confident in your services.
  • As Doug Hoffman said, “I like to pretend that every client I meet has seen this Dr. Oz video.”

  • David Hodge shared how PPE can help with hazards and respiratory protection during restoration projects.
  • As Hodge explains, “If I’m to provide a hazard-free work environment but we have a sewage job, how would I be able to eliminate those hazards before you get there?”
  • This industry is full of first responders for hazards, so to eliminate the hazards, you have to first be exposed to them.
    PPE is our first line of defense but we may remove PPE from the budget because it’s expensive.
  • Hodge recommends taking FEMA free classes for disaster preparedness.

  • Erin Hynum detailed the benefits of connected equipment for restoration professionals.
  • Future innovations were also shared.
    Hynum serves as the originator of the Phoenix Echo system of connected products.
  • Bluetooth is highly valuable for this industry, as Hynum explains.
  • Hynum noted that DryLINK is about job site data collection with optional remote monitoring.
  • He also stated that you can use any equipment brand. You don’t need Phoenix to use their connected system.
  • The benefit of their system is that it automates readings so you can get data sent to you instead of having to track it on every job yourself
  • This system solves many problems including cost, time, efficiency, customer retention, equipment wear and tear, setup times, payment timeline, ROI, and much more for restoration professionals.

  • Lance Eisen shared how to manage and monitor IAQ with tech solutions.
  • Eisen also detailed The Healthier Home Warranty and Monitoring program.
  • As Eisen explains, “It’s important that you understand the words you’re using and, more importantly, that your customers understand them when you’re explaining your services and their efficacy.”
  • Eisen then asked people to envision a chair and Johnny, a young employee for Integrity Restoration and Reconstruction in California, said, “an electric chair.” While comical, the overarching message still made sense. As Eisen explained further, every person had a different type of chair in mind because every person thinks differently. As a restoration pro, you have to know how to connect to different customers and communicate with them on their level.
  • Lastly, before the trade show hall opened, Ed Cross and Caroline Tucker explained the benefits of clear communication, strong documentation, and consistent follow-through for cleaning and restoration jobs as keynote speakers for the day.
  • After their presentation, the convention hall was opened and the networking for the day began. Food was served closer to the end of the day’s events and you could visibly see individuals connecting and laughing together over a hearty meal of steak, chicken, turkey, fish, potatoes, bread rolls, charcuterie, fruit, vegetables, and much more.

September 7 at The 2021 Experience Convention and Trade Show

Day One in Review


Cooper day one experience

  • The day kicked off with several valuable restoration and carpet cleaning classes.
  • Thomas Cermak, Carpet Repair Master, LLC, hosted a course on Carpet Spot and Stain Fundamental with TLC.
  • Dr. Gavin Macgregor Skinner, ISSA GBAC, and David Hodge, Reets Drying Academy explained the value of training when dealing with CBRN   (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) events both accidental and deliberate in their course, CBRN Remediation: Training needs to be regular but also challenging.
  • Bill Luallen from XLNorth discussed how carpet cleaning has transformed and continues to change in his IICRC expert course, New Modern Flooring Technology, Carpet, and Hard Surface.
  • Howard Partridge represented his company, Phenomenal Products, in his highly valuable marketing class, How to Get As Many High-End Clients as You Can Handle.
  • Lisa Wagner, Icon Award Winner, broke down wool rugs variables for cleaning efficiency in her presentation, All Wool Rugs Are Not Created Equal.
  • Mark Cornelius, Emergency Mitigation Technician Academy (EMTA),   detailed structural restoration principles in his IICRC expert class, Structural Restoration following the S500 Standard.
  • Larry Cooper opened up The Experience trade show hall for day one at 1:10 p.m. and helped both R&R and Cleanfax magazine announce award winners for the industry.

  • During this time, Mason Tomaino was announced as the 2022 Ralph Bloss Humanitarian award recipient. You can see the full video here.
  • The Experience party had hundreds of people present enjoying food and drink as well as a live performance from ’70s and ’80s musical icons.
  • Lisa Wagner was voted the Icon Award recipient for 2022 as the party began.

With five different education tracks and a ton of fun to be had both in the trade show and classes as well as the city and after-show events, The 2022 Experience Las Vegas Convention was one that was highly valuable for carpet cleaning and restoration professionals far and wide.

To see more of the event, check out the slideshow below, and stay tuned for the Cleanfax exclusive ‘Silly Selfie Series’ featuring nearly 100 industry leaders, booth owners, and experts from this exciting event!


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