Selecting the Best Air Scrubber for Storms, Smoke and More

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Dri-EazDri-Eaz air scrubbers have been industry best sellers for 20 years, and now restoration professionals can choose from three rugged, high-performance Dri-Eaz air filtration units: the HEPA 700, the Mediclean Healthcare AP 700 and the new DefendAir 400.

Here’s how to choose the best of the three for specific types of projects:

For water damage, construction and dust removal, go with 99.97% HEPA efficiency and an easy-to-change pre-filter – the Dri-Eaz Defender 400 is an economical, highly portable option for storm work. Its simple on/off controls are easy for even temps to use, plus you can stack them on the truck and carry two at once onto the job.

For smoke, viruses, mold remediation and critical areas, insist on 99.99% efficiency – trust certified independent testing that that the Dri- Eaz HEPA 700 and MediClean Healthcare AP 700 both exceed HEPA, removing 99.99% of .1-.5 micron particles. That’s important because 97% of .1-1 micron particles can be drawn into a person’s lungs. For reference, here are ranges of particle sizes:

  • Bacteria – 0.3 – 60 microns
  • Smoke – 0.01 – 4 microns
  • Viruses – 0.005 – .3 microns

Removing fumes, smoke and other odors requires activated carbon pellets – not just a thin layer of carbon or a carbon-infused filter. Each AP 700 or HEPA 700 Carbon Filter contains 2.5 pounds of carbon pellets – that’s more than twice the odor removal of others.

Look for UVC protection for healthcare and other sensitive environments – The AP 700’s UV LED is uniquely positioned on the inlet of the filter for greater exposure times and to ensure that viruses and bacteria are not re-contaminating the air while servicing. Antimicrobial* infused in the unit’s housing helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and mildew on its surface, making the unit safer for handling. (*EPA Reg. No. 93407-3)

Check ease of containment setup – Semi-rigid ducting attaches to the HEPA 700 or AP 700 inlet or outlet and layflat attaches quickly to their outlet using the built-in duct ring, plus both offer variable airflow to 700 CFM.

Know the noise level – The HEPA 700 and AP 700 sound quieter, especially at low speed, given lower sound frequency, so less likely they’ll be turned off.

  • Take advantage of remote access – To control airflow while onsite or remote, select the HEPA 700 or AP 700. Their Command Hub has Bluetooth and Wifi onboard for remote control and monitoring of HEPA filter health using the Dri-Eaz Command Center Pro app.
  • Know where units are manufactured and supported – Buying cheap units made overseas could leave you stranded when you have problems. All Dri-Eaz air scrubbers are engineered, molded and assembled by Legend Brands in Burlington, WA, and US-based Dri-Eaz experts are readily available by chat, email or toll-free call.

Choose the brand you trust – For 20 years Dri-Eaz HEPA air scrubbers have protected people in homes and facilities. Why choose an unknown brand just to save a few dollars? Long after many manufacturers have abandoned the market, Legend Brands will be there to support you!

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