LAS VEGAS — The National Institute of Certified Floor Covering Inspectors (NICFI) held its NICFI 2017 Annual Conference October 16 – 18, 2017 at the Tuscany Suites and Casino in Las Vegas.

The NICFI 2017 Annual Conference began with an in-depth presentation by Mike Sundell on site-finished hardwood. Many problems, causes, and cures were talked about and identified as well as different tools for field testing and “shop” tools for destructive testing.

The biggest takeaway from his presentation was being able to step back and observe then make a determination after gathering all the data. A copy of his presentation will be available on the NICFI website.

Fred Hueston, who is a consultant in the tile and stone industry, presented enlightening information on different types of stone, manufactured, and engineered stones and installation during the NICFI 2017 Annual Conference. He went over several problems, causes, and cures from manufacturing issues to properties of stone. The biggest takeaway from his presentation was understanding the different properties of natural stone and how modern technologies can affect those properties. An upcoming training class from Hueston is available at:

The town hall discussion during the NICFI 2017 Annual Conference started with a presentation from President Bob Blochinger. He discussed how to work on getting recognized in the industry both locally and nationally. He highlighted on how NICFI is working to help further inspectors in these areas.

Past President Paul Pleshek addressed the current focus within the industry and other organizations in regards to inspectors. As a newly-elected member of the IICRC Board, he will work to expand the inspection portion of the IICRC.

Pleshek also discussed working on getting a bigger piece of the “pie” that exists in floorcovering, in regards to pre and post installation. Lastly, Convention Chair Bill Zoetvelt discussed getting paid for our work. He went through different avenues on how to get paid for an invoice that is past due from consumers and manufacturers.

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