CHICAGO — The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) recently opened the registration period for its November 15-16, 2018 RIA Forensics Restoration Conference, a two-day event tailored toward the restoration industry, which will be held at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott.

The event will offer educational content and ways to connect restoration professionals with their peers, experts, and leaders in this niche sector. The conference the private sector forensic restoration industry to the public sector, initial responders of serious biological or chemical threats.

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“The focus of this event is on more complex forensic restoration projects. A primary goal of the conference is to introduce the forensic restoration industry (private sector) to the initial responders to a serious biological or chemical threat (public sector),” organizers of the 2018 RIA Forensics Restoration Conference organizers said on their site. “Although agencies like the CDC are the primary focus when infectious diseases like Ebola make the news and Homeland Security takes center stage when a potential terror threat involving anthrax or chemicals arises, many properties and places are impacted by such situations where private sector companies are necessary to coordinate with the public sector, evaluate the conditions, and implement the decontamination.”

Event registrants will also get a 25 percent discount off the price of the digital version of the RIA’s Forensic Guidelines.

“If you’ve encountered restoration projects following situations like crime and trauma, infectious disease, hoarding, or illicit drug labs, this conference is for you,” organizers said.

A $139-per-night room rate is available at the host hotel, the Cincinnati Airport Marriott.

Register for the 2018 RIA Forensics Restoration Conference at the RIA site.