ALBANY, N.Y.—February 6, 2020— The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) recently announced that Dr. Randy R. Rapp, associate professor at Purdue University, will join the CIRI Science Advisory Council (SAC). Professor Rapp holds a doctorate in management and is a licensed professional engineer. He is the principal faculty for Purdue’s building construction and management program.

One focus of Purdue’s program involves teaching, learning, mentoring, and research in disaster restoration and reconstruction. The restoration concentration was established with a multi-year financial commitment of more than $1 million to the university by leaders in the disaster restoration, remediation, and reconstruction industry. It’s a true win-win for education and industry, as future business and technology leaders learn disaster restoration science and management.

The science of disaster restoration and remediation is one of CIRI’s core competencies. After Dr. Rapp and one of his graduate students, Major Christopher Baker, jointly presented at CIRI’s 2019 science symposium about the use of drones for post-disaster damage assessment, CIRI’s leadership invited Dr. Rapp to join the CIRI Science Advisory Council (SAC).

Dr. Rapp joins other distinguished CIRI SAC members including Dr. Gene Cole, Dr. Ralph Moon, John Richter, Dr. Greg Whiteley, Dr. Richard Shaughnessy, and Dr. Steven Spivak.

Purdue’s industry-leading, unique “Demolition and Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Management” program is housed in the School of Construction Management (CM). It is now in its 11th year of academic operation. Purdue’s program serves as a major contributor to industry professionalism and learning. It provides research and knowledge adding to the development of the RIA Certified Restorer® Body of Knowledge. Past or current graduate-level research includes disaster drones (UAS) and sensors, intermediate-term housing, preparing contractors for post-disaster performance, and employee burnout. All CM students now at least briefly study disaster recovery for their degrees.

The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) is the only independent institute focused on cleaning and building maintenance research. Its purpose is to improve cleaning and restoration outcomes and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for all indoor environments. Today CIRI is a 501.c.3 nonprofit scientific, educational, and research institute recognized for its cleaning science and research programs. CIRI does not compete with existing trade organizations or associations; rather, it serves a unique, complementary role and seeks to work with leading industry groups. For more information, visit