NORTHBROOK, Ill.—December 5, 2019—Carpet cleaning companies provide a range of employee benefits, but paid time off tops the list with almost two thirds of owners surveyed in the 2019 Carpet Cleaning Benchmarking Survey Report (65%) indicating their workers receive vacation time. Additionally, 47% provide sick days and 45% provide paid holidays. All of these numbers are up by around 5% from 2018.

This year’s survey, which was sponsored by Legend Brands, found many companies do offer insurance benefits as well, but at a much lower rate than time off. Of the owners surveyed, 23% offer health insurance (up slightly—about 1%—over 2018), with dental and disability insurance both coming in at around 10% of companies. Life insurance is the least popular benefit at about 7%. Close to 9% of owners offer maternity or paternity leave when employees have children.

The majority of carpet cleaning companies provide their technicians with the required company uniform at no cost as an added employee benefit. Only around one third of companies require employees to provide their own uniforms, according to the 2019 Carpet Cleaning Benchmarking Survey Report data.

In addition, the survey found that 34% of cleaning companies offer commission as an employee benefit on sales in addition to their regular wage, roughly the same number as last year. Among those who offer technicians commission, 8-10% was the most common commission, also approximately the same as in 2018; however, this year saw a rise in companies that provide more than 20% commission (a close second) and 17-20% (a not-so-distant third).


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