ST. MARY’S, PA — Protimeter, developers of RH measurement tools for over 25 years, recently announced its new MMS2 Flooring Kit for moisture testing in concrete floors, according to a press release.

protimeter moisture meter


The MMS2 conforms to the ASTM International F210-11 Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using in-situ Probes and offers innovative multi-function features such as:

  • Ambient and in-sleeve humidity and temperature measurement,
  • Surface temperature and proximity to Dew Point,
  • Non-invasive moisture measurement for rapid concrete floor evaluation,
  • Pin-type moisture measurement for wood floor cover and sub-floors,
  • Fully adjustable patent-pending humidity sleeve, which removes the need for cutting the sleeve and which fits flush to the surface of concrete to minimize potential damage and test interruption.

“Protimeter’s humidity sensor is the only sensor available for the ASTM F2170 test in which the sensor was specifically designed for harsh and high-humidity concrete floor environments,” Chris Ranwell, global product manager, said in the release. “We are confident we have the best and most reliable system available to carry out the ASTM F2170 in-situ humidity test, and after over 25 years of measuring humidity in concrete, we are even more confident that humidity testing is the best and most practical way of moisture measurement available today.”

The kit is available without the MMST, as well, for customers who own this instrument; Protimeter als recently released the new reusable Mini Hygrostick humidity sensor, which “is placed in the sleeve and is completely protected during the measurement process by the flush-fitting cap and sleeve.”

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