LENEXA, KS—June 14, 2019—Cliff Cole and Ken Kahtava recently completed a More Floods eBook on lead generation for flood and water damage restoration. Designed to help restoration contractors improve their marketing strategy and land more jobs, the full eBook is available for download at http://www.morefloods.com/lead-generation/.

This More Floods eBook explores 10 of the most common residential water damage lead sources. Read the book to find out how fellow restoration contractors rate each source. Additionally, the guide is filled with pros and cons for each lead source, tips for generating more leads, and best practices for managing each lead generation source. Authors Cole and Kahtava strive to help business owners decide where to invest their marketing dollars.

More Floods is a marketing and operations strategies and systems, training and support consulting company that works exclusively with independent restoration contractors to increase revenues and profit.  Originally based off of the same marketing and operational systems used in their own independent disaster restoration company, Power Dry, More Floods began licensing their offering to independent restorers across the country as an economical alternative to higher-priced franchises. Today, members of More Floods help to improve upon and add to the original marketing and operational systems, transforming the membership into a “Best Practices” group of entrepreneurs. For more information, visit https://www.morefloods.com/.