MUKILTEO, WA — With leather furniture's increased popularity in office settings, cleaning professionals need to know the most effective ways to clean and maintain leather, according to a press release.

"The first thing they should know is that there are actually four types of leather used on furniture. And this can impact how the leather is cared for and cleaned," said Doyle Bloss, marketing director for U.S. Products.

According to the release, the four types of leather are:

  1. Protected leather, which has a very uniform appearance with a strong protective layer that helps prevent staining and is relatively easy to maintain
  2. Aniline or natural leather, which is susceptible to staining but can usually be cleaned effectively
  3. Nubuck, which is aniline leather that has been brushed, sanded, or scratched to create a specific look or feel; nubuck furniture should be vacuumed frequently to remove grit and dust
  4. Suede, which is the flesh side of the hide; like nubuck, suede should also be vacuumed frequently.

"If possible, always try cleaning leather simply by vacuuming it, using a crevice tool attachment, and/or wiping [the leather] with dry towels to remove dust. Do not use furniture polish or solvents, and never use chemicals such as bleach or ammonia on leather," Bloss added.

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