AURORA, CO — February 14, 2019 — Kärcher North America, a manufacturer of industrial and home cleaning products, is breaking ground on a new facility in Aurora, CO, near the Denver International Airport. According to Denver7 News, in addition to being the new Kärcher headquarters for North America, the campus will also be home to a manufacturing facility for Kärcher products.

The 22-acre campus represents a 50-million-dollar investment for Kärcher, and it is expected to create hundreds of new jobs in the Denver area. The purpose of the facility is to increase Kärcher’s business presence in North America while being strategically located near the airport for easier access to Kärcher’s other facilities in Canada, Mexico, and Germany, according to Denver7 News.

“We are buying and owning and developing this land to be our headquarters and our main campus here,” said Kärcher CFO Jason Mangone in an interview with Denver7 News. “It’s a commitment to the U.S. marketplace as well as North America to grow our business and to take advantage of the resources we have here in Denver.”

According to a press release by the Aurora Economic Development Council, the new Kärcher headquarters is expected to open in September 2019.

Kärcher North America is a manufacturer of commercial, industrial, and consumer cleaning equipment, including an extensive line of industrial and commercial pressure washers and floor-cleaning systems. As one of the largest subsidiaries of the Kärcher Group, Kärcher North America employs more than 1,150 people in seven locations, including four manufacturing facilities. In North America, Kärcher is producing and distributing products and services under the brands Kärcher, Windsor Kärcher Group, Landa Kärcher Group, Hotsy, Water Maze, Spraymart, Cuda Kärcher Group, and Shark.