HAMILTON, OH — Kaivac, No-Touch Cleaning® developers, recently helped in the institution of a the first ever Ronald McDonald House in Krakow, Poland, by donating the facility’s cleaning tools and equipment, according to a press release.

“[Ronald McDonald House] is certainly an excellent organization,” Tom Morrison, vice president of Kiavac, said in the release. “We thank Marc [Ferguson, Kaivac’s international business development manager] for bringing this to our attention and making it happen.”

The company donated the following company items:

  • The OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac,
  • OmniFlex AutoVac, which can be used in place of a traditional automatic scrubber,
  • OmniFlex Microfiber Trolley System, which dispenses cleaning solution directly onto floors,
  • Accessory storage and trash bags for the OmniFlex equipment,
  • KaiFly™, a flat surface cleaning system for counters and tabletops,
  • Microfiber SmartTowels™,
  • Cleaning solutions to use with these products.

“We are very grateful for the donation,” said Katarzyna Nowakowska, executive director of the new RMH. “Providing a clean and healthy environment for our children and their families is imperative . . . these tools will make that job much easier.”

Began in 1974, Ronald McDonald House helps families of “difficult-to-cure diseases” stay together during treatment, among other services performed by the organization. It has over 60 locations worldwide.