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In the June 2017 Cleanfax magazine, we explore Iranian rug-making in pictures, learn about administration systems with Howard Partridge, and more.

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NORTHBROOK, IL — While June has come and gone, the May/June 2017 Cleanfax issue — packed with insight into restorers’ and carpet cleaners’ business needs — is still online and available for your perusal at any time of the day or night.

In the May/June 2017 Cleanfax magazine, you’ll find all the great management, technical, and marketing tips geared specifically toward carpet cleaning and restoration professionals that you’ve come to expect from our landmark publication.

A range of topics from May/June 2017 Cleanfax issue include:

  • Spot and Spill Warranties by Steve Marsh | Our May/June cover feature offers advice on a simple way to draw in high-quality customers with a guarantee you likely already provide.
  • Administration Systems by Howard Partridge | As part of Partridge’s multi-focused series on better business practices, he looks at how business can keep everything in sync, working smoothly, and profitable.
  • Meth Lab Cleanup and Decontamination by Richard Driscoll | This feature is key to those considering into expanding into this very specialized form of work — and there are some issues to address.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Insurance Claims by Kari Dybdall | Ever wondered about the expensive, crazy, and downright strange insurance claims of our industry? Find short summaries of some of Dybdall’s “special cases.”
  • Scare Tactics by Chuck Violand | Sometimes management may long for the more straightforward, less “touchy feely” days of management practices. Here Violand reviews some of the more old school management styles to see if they’re worth returning to.
  • The Beauty of Iranian Rug-Making by Aaron Groseclose | Explore the sites and practices of tribal-made rugs with images from Master Rug Cleaner’s two-week tour of the area.

To read the Foreword to the May/June 2017 Cleanfax by Executive Editor Jeff Cross in which he discusses the problems restorers so often face when dealing with adjusters and the growing trend to stand up to their demands, see Grow a Spine.

For the full DIGITAL magazine, click HERE.

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