SPARTANBURG, SC — The State of South Carolina’s Labor, Licensing and Regulation Department recently awarded Contec Inc. a 2015 Certificate of Safety Achievement for its efforts to institute safety practices within the workplace, according to a press release.

The Department recognized Contec “for outstanding efforts in the promotion of Industrial Safety and Health, with such efforts resulting in the lessening of human suffering and the reduction of economic waste — 1.2 million hours without a lost time injury or illness.”

Contec Inc. President Avi Lawrence reports that employees are increasingly happy due to the company’s focus on employee health and wellbeing.

Geoff Lester, environmental health and safety manager for Contec, added, “Our goal is 100 percent employee participation, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our safety practices.”

Contec’s efforts to better employee working conditions has involved “a behavior-based, employee-driven safety process,” which included its “I Care” program in which employees report potential safety hazards, improved communication on safety issues, and fun employee involvement that encourages “pride in one’s own workplace safety.”

“This could not have been accomplished without employees who care about the safety of themselves and their coworkers,” Contec Director of Safety and Quality Chris Roman said in the release. “We are thankful to have people who give it their all when it comes to being safe.”

Contec Inc. is a 25-year veteran manufacturer of contamination-control products.