MARION, OH — Advanced Purification recently unveiled its line of SanusAer® High Output Ozone Generators for use in odor remediation and indoor sanitization, according to a press release.

New for 2016, the SanusAer line offers professional-level, reliable ozone generation through the “corona discharge” method, with more than 15 times the ultraviolet output of the closest competitor, according to the company.

“Our first business was on the service side, utilizing many of our current competitor’s ozone generators. Our frustration with their performance was the primary reason we decided to develop our SanusAer line,” Advanced Purification’s co-founder Brooks Brown said in the release. “Our design, which is unique to the industry, solves all of the problems we were having with the typical generator in the industry.”

SanusAer’s unique design, developed by Advanced Purification, called the “Vertical Flow System,” projects the ozone upward from the top of the generator, improving overall gas distribution and eliminating the need to elevate the unit during treatments.

Models SA-14000 and SA-28000 feature the company’s unique “Dual Fan Format,” which creates air flow of 9,840 cubic feet per hour. Two larger models have two-levels of ozone output, which provides treatment flexibility, and the optional horizontal operation adjustment allows users to point generators in specific directions to control ozone application flow.

With a small footprint (all models are under ½ cubic foot), durable exterior, resistant to corrosion and abrasion, and light weight, these generators are highly portable and stackable.

For additional information on SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators contact Advanced Purification at (877) 979-PURE [7873] or email: [email protected].