PHOENIX—MAY 7, 2019—Long-time industry veteran and Rainbow International Vice President of Technical Services Jack White is the Restoration Industry Association’s choice for the coveted Martin L. King Award (MLK award) for 2019. See video of the announcement below.

The announcement was made at the RIA’s awards banquet during the May Restoration Convention + Industry Expo in Phoenix. The 2017 MLK award recipient, Ken Larsen, served as master of ceremonies for the reception. The 2018 award recipient, Ernie Storrer, presented the award to White, flanked by former MLK award honorees. The MLK award is presented to individuals who are recognized for their extraordinary service and dedication to restoration.

Storrer said of White, “This year’s honoree has been a lifetime supporter of the industry’s not-for-profit sector, especially active in the RIA and IICRC, serving as an advocate for the franchisor segment of the industry for the process and standard certification and association participation for the greater good and advancement of the cleaning and restoration professional.”

As many commented during the event, White is admired for his longstanding dedication to the restoration industry, his peers and employees, and the franchise model. He was an easy choice for this 2019 MLK award.

“Over the years, I have always enjoyed working with this year’s honoree and came to know, like, and trust him as a man of integrity and good judgement. He is an honest broker who does what is right for the situation and decision at hand,” said Pete Consigli, the 2008 MLK award recipient and the MLK award steward, said of the 2019 MLK award winner. “Those qualities and the loyalty he demonstrated over the years to RIA and the industry made him the perfect candidate to be one of the ‘Gang of Nine’ [the committee that redeveloped the Certified Restorer program that led to the Certified Restorer body of knowledge]. I consider him to be one of the ‘good guys,’ whom I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about.”