‘New Year, New Me’: Rebranding Your Business for 2023


By Samantha Hager

With the looming talk of recession, fears of disposable income eroding, and employee turnover rates still at an unfortunate high, it’s time we talk about how companies can redefine their cleaning and restoration brands for greater success in 2023. Fortunately, there is a multitude of solutions for rebranding that can help companies to increase employee and customer satisfaction in ways that also increase engagement and profits as a result.

To help with this mission, John Clendenning, Founder and CEO of Carpet Cleaner Marketing Masters, shared some of his key insights for companies in order to market their brands in ways that resonate with the industry and lead to true measurable ROI in 2023 and beyond. But first, let’s take a closer look at what rebranding actually is and how it can help companies take their branding and business models to a whole new level.

What is rebranding, and how does it truly benefit brands?  

According to The Economic Times, “Rebranding is the process of changing the corporate image of an organization. It is a market strategy of giving a new name, symbol, or change in design for an already-established brand. The idea behind rebranding is to create a different identity for a brand, from its competitors, in the market.”

While you may not notice every rebrand that occurs in the public eye, you may have seen a few that might pique your interest. For instance:

Instagram Rebrand

Instagram is one great example of a rebrand done to make the company more easily recognizable, sleek, simplified, and modern. The transition in colors, imagery, and format helped Instagram to stay relevant and continue to grow even as other similar sites collapsed around them.

Similarly, you can see one of the most successful rebrands in the transition Musical.ly made to TikTok. When Musical.ly first came out, the brand was highly popular but, after the collapse of Vine, the brand saw an opportunity to become much more than just a dance and lip-syncing app. This transition in formatting, style, and attitude helped the brand skyrocket. Now, the platform has over 30.8 million daily active users that cover everything from cleaning ASMR and home improvement to funny home videos and pop culture/news.

However, these are obviously not the brands that align with your own in the cleaning or restoration markets. For this, your main goal isn’t to transition from dancing and lip-syncing to sharing videos of cute dogs. Instead, the main goal of a rebrand for your company in 2023 should be to make your company better than the competition, aligned with the brands you hope to emulate, and more engaged with your target audience and workforce.

The benefits of a successful rebranding campaign include:

  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Increase in employee retention
  •  Higher profits and more repeat customers
  • Recommendations and positive online reviews
  • Easier promotions
  • More local opportunities
  • Cross-promotion from other companies
  • Social media engagement and site traffic
  • Better company image

However, while all of this may sound great, a lot of companies know they need a rebranding program but still are unsure of what that is supposed to look like or consist of. For this, it’s time we turn to our resident expert, John Clendenning, for his tips on how to increase your profits and redefine your brand in the new year.

How to rebrand your company effectively: An expert’s perspective

According to Clendenning, these are the core principles companies should be considering for their rebranding process:

1) Regular database marketing is essential

For carpet cleaners and home service businesses, your database marketing will always be your highest ROI marketing activity – and is essential to keep your business name, brand, and authority message in front of your best ideal clients constantly. This is how you can ensure that they don’t stray or get courted away by the marketing message of a savvy or opportunistic competitor.

2) You won’t grow if you don’t invest in your success

Your marketing budget will either make or break your business—so why is a marketing budget of 20% (of expected annual revenue) such a magic number for growth?

Are you ready to take 2023 by storm? Do you have a clear plan of attack as it relates to your online and offline marketing and lead generation strategies? Have you invested time in putting together an updated marketing plan based on all the changes in 2022 and expectations in 2023? What do you need to prepare to maximize your visibility and lead flow going into the New Year? These are the questions you should undoubtedly be asking yourself as you rebrand.

3) Effective pricing and packaging of services breed service business success

 As you begin to build out your new brand image and business model, you will want to take a close look at the way you offer your services, your costs, and the input you’ve received from customers in the past regarding them. Take a look at your competitors. Are they undercutting your costs? Do they offer packages or services in a way that your audience seems to like? All of this can help you redefine your services and pricing in ways that actually resonate better with your customers and team for the new year.

4) Knowing how to create winning offers will increase your revenue every time  

 We’ve all been convinced into buying something or accepting a service from someone solely based on an offer we couldn’t refuse. The car salesman offering a new set of tires or the mall kiosk guy giving you two lotions for the price of one all tie into creating an offer the customer simply can’t refuse. After all, as Micahel Corleone said, “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
In order to do this, try looking at ways in which you can provide new customers with discounts, returning customers with deals, and referral-based customers with offers that all make your competitors look less enticing to the average consumer. This will help you to stand out and get more business in 2023 guaranteed.

5) Crafting and delivering a REMARKable Client experience is also essential for marketing

Determine the best ways your team can leave every customer feeling special, respected, and like they are getting the ‘family deal.’ Treating your customers like friends and giving them an experience worth noting to others will help you to promote your brand through them to your local community without spending a penny in marketing or ad promotions.

6) How a lead database and effective lead nurture is the secret weapon of the most successful cleaning businesses

Compiling your leads in a thorough and well-manicured database is highly important. However, nurturing those leads is also a major piece of the puzzle. You should actively be reaching out to potential leads to reinvent your brand’s image in the public eye and seem more engaged and considerate throughout the year. This should also incorporate past clients as they are some of the warmest leads you have. After all, if they’ve chosen you before, they are far more likely to choose you again with the right consistency, charm, and regular reminders in place.

7) Reinvent your voice and appearance for ‘likability’

Lastly, studies show that the likability of a company is highly dependent on its appearance and voice online. If your brand is not active, charismatic, and visually engaging, you could be losing out on thousands in revenue every year. Therefore, it only makes sense that you spend a decent amount of time looking at the ways you interact with your customers, the imagery you put out, and the logo you utilize to increase your success in 2023.

To help with this, here are some great guides your brand can utilize to increase likability with ease:

Now that you have some incredible tips on how to truly reinvent your brand and revamp your image for greater success in 2023 and beyond, all that’s left is developing your rebranding campaign and getting started. Remember, one step in the right direction now is worth a million a month or even a year from now. So what are you waiting for?

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