by Jeff Rooks

One of the biggest mistakes in paid search is not taking advantage of local extensions. Although they have been around for some time, many businesses incorrectly assume they aren’t worth the effort to set up. Nothing could be farther from the truth — especially for restoration companies that offer emergency services.

With local extensions, you can easily add the most relevant information about your business in your paid search campaigns. In addition to the normal copy of your ads, you can include your phone number, reviews, hours, and address or locations.

local extensions

Desktop view of local extensions

The benefits of local extensions

Search engines return the most relevant results to searchers by taking several variables into account. By adding local extensions to your paid search campaigns, you improve the chances your ads reach customers looking for the services you offer in your service area.

Since paid search ads are only text, they often lack the visual appeal of display ads. With local extensions, you can easily increase the visibility of your paid search ads. This will not only set you apart from your competitors, but also can lead to better click-through rates.

The best local extensions for your business

While local extensions allow you to add many items to your paid search ads, the phone number and reviews extensions are likely the most valuable for your home services business.

Phone number

Potentially the most beneficial of the local extensions, adding your phone number makes it easier for customers to contact you. Searches on mobile devices will display a call button in place of your number. This makes it easier for customers to contact you quickly, especially on mobile devices.

local extensions

Mobile view of local extensions


Probably the most visible of the local extensions, adding reviews allows searchers to quickly access reviews on your Google My Business listing. To enable reviews, you must have a minimum of five reviews and at least a 3.5-star average.

Hours, address, and locations

These remaining extensions are designed to increase foot traffic to brick and mortar stores. While adding them to your paid search ads may not offer a huge benefit, they won’t harm your results either.

It’s easy to focus solely on Google because they control 63.4 percent of the search engine market share, but Bing and Yahoo also offer local extensions. It’s important to target your audience no matter where they search, so review your analytics to determine where your paid search ads will have the best impact. One-third of mobile searches are for local services, and local search is growing at a 50 percent-faster rate than other mobile searches.

When a homeowner has a water damage emergency, they are likely to use their phone to search for your business. Local extensions are a free way to increase visibility and target customers who are looking for you.

Jeff Rooks is a content marketer at 33 Mile Radius, a lead generation and review management services company for disaster mitigation contractors. Outside of work, he masquerades as a craft brewer, travels the globe with his wife, and can usually be found wearing sneakers and a scarf.