We inquired. You responded. And the partnership culminated in a detailed analysis of the industry, which is presented here in the 2017 Carpet Cleaning Benchmarking Survey Report. It’s time now for you to analyze and use this year’s survey data to continue building what you’ve started already: A successful cleaning company.

About this report: The data in this survey is based on results from carpet cleaning contractors responding to invitations for this survey. Results are not necessarily based on audited financial statements.


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Comments provided by those who completed the survey indicate a common, frustrating challenge faced by many: Untrained competition with low prices or bait-and-switch tactics in their marketplaces.

While 22% of restoration contractors are part of a franchise system (see the 2017 Restoration Benchmarking Survey Report), only 11% of those responding to this survey decided to franchise.

Nearly 70% of respondents indicated they receive most of their revenue from the residential market. With that comes the challenge of seasonal slow-down issues for those working in colder climates.

Business partnerships are rare. It’s an even mix when it comes to sole proprietorship and S corporation company status, with LLC status relatively close behind.

There is notable fragmentation with carpet cleaning revenue, often due to a diverse selection of services offered.

Many cleaning companies are concerned about damaging upholstery when cleaning, yet they still offer the service. More than 96% clean upholstery, with area rug cleaning and hard surface cleaning rounding out the top three diversification services offered.

Nearly half say their carpet cleaning prices hover between $26-50 per room.

More than half say they clean sofas for less than $100.

Cleaning companies purchase their supplies from a variety of sources,
with nearly 35% stating they purchase more than half of them online.

Starting wages reflect cost of living across the U.S., with the highest being in the Northeast at $15-$15.99, and the lowest tied between the South and Midwest at $10-$10.99. Average wages paid follow the same logic, yet the South has the lowest at $12-$14.99.

Other data from the 2017 Carpet Cleaning Benchmarking Survey Report:

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