By Amanda Hosey, Managing editor

It always amazes me how readily those in the carpet cleaning and restoration industries step up to help. From the work Mikey’s Fest frequently does in many communities, to volunteer services industry members provide during local disasters or to needy sections of their communities, to how those in the industry help each other — despite potentially being competitors. I’ve worked in enough other industries to know, as you probably know, too, that type of support system is rare.

Sure, there are marketing benefits to giving. I’ve written about it for Cleanfax a few times over the years — customers want to know you are engaged and giving back to your community, you make great contacts, you get good press, etc. But helping others in times of need is more than that to this industry. This is a community of givers, of people who care and want to make a difference.

After all, both cleaning and restoration are, at their hearts, about improving people’s lives. You do it every day in your work, so it seems only reasonable that improvement extends beyond the jobsite.

I was recently reminded again of how caring our industry can be. The wife of a kind industry veteran known by many has been in and out of the hospital over the last year. He posts updates and pictures of her recovery on social media, and I follow along, cheering on her progress, as I’m sure many of you also have. But the good people of our industry don’t just follow along; they do something.

Another industry member started an online fundraiser to help offset the hospital costs and loss of work, and in no time, thousands of dollars were raised. The list of donors is filled with industry member after industry member making what contributions they could and leaving messages of hope. This shows how truly special our industry is.

So, this is your reminder that you are not alone in your struggles as hard-working members of the restoration and carpet cleaning industries. If you haven’t built up your own network of industry contacts, industry support, make this year the time to do so.

Visit a tradeshow or two, interact with your peers on the forums, and send friend requests on Facebook. There’s a whole support system right here waiting for you.

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