CHICAGO, IL —  John Mapes, director of development for My Flooring Warranty, a program recently endorsed by the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA), announced this week that Scott Humphrey, chief executive officer (CEO) of the WFCA, has agreed to an exclusive interview.

The date, time of the interview has yet to be arranged, but the location will be in Anaheim, California, WFCA World Headquarters.

This interview is an industry first for Scott Humphrey since his taking the reins of the WFCA last summer.

The WFCA has historically been an organization whose focus is on the flooring dealers that make up their base of membership. Although that primary focus will not change, the WFCA will begin the process of reaching out to the service industry and help create of climate of partnership between the retailers that sell flooring products, service companies who care for them, all for the sake of the consumers that purchase them.

John Mapes, no stranger to this task, has had a close working relationship with Mr. Humphrey extending back to his days as director of the Shaw Flooring Network. It was at that time that Shaw Flooring Network endorsed the My Flooring Program as a key element in helping these industries come together and Mr. Humphrey continues to endorse the program in his new capacity of CEO for the WFCA.

The Interview will focus on what the state of flooring industry is in now. How the big box stores have created new challenges but even greater opportunities at the same time for the locally owner dealer. The consumers understanding of what the new flooring warranties now require of them, and why this is a great time to be in the service industry. Humphrey and Mapes agree that these two powerhouse business models like never before can experience a unique advantage in working together through the immerging new warranty language.

Additionally, Humphrey has been invited to give a keynote speech to the service industry directly at this year’s The Experience Convention and Trade Show held September 3-5, at the Mirage Hotel and Convention Center. He has accepted the invitation and will speak on September 4.

If you’d like to Submit Your Questions directly to John Mapes for this interview you can do so at: If selected, the credit for the source of the question will be named publically. So please include along with your question, include a simple release for your name to be mentioned. The Interview will be video recorded and made available in a future issue of CleanFax Online and at later this year.