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Who knew there was so much passion for equipment innovation?

Carpet Cleaning wand

By Jeff Cross

Recently I sent out, via my favorite social media channels, an invitation for comments on what cleaners use each and every day. Stuff they can’t do without. Specifically, I wanted to know what they have seen and experienced over the years as far as equipment innovation and improvement, tools, and accessories, from truckmounts to furniture tools and more.

Once I hit the “post” button, my very liberal social media notification settings landed me squarely in an email vortex that was tough to cope with. I had literally hundreds of responses from industry professionals — just like you — who had plenty to say about what they use and can’t do without.

Some of those observations are brought out in an article on page 12 of this issue titled “Fully Equipped.” In that article, you will see comments and suggestions from end users, manufacturers, distributors, and industry consultants.

But as a teaser of what some on social media had to say… here you go:

  • “I can’t imagine cleaning carpet without being able to use counter rotating brush machines, instead of the old-fashioned carpet rakes, to agitate prespray.” — Andy Baylor
  • “There should never be another wand or other tool designed that doesn’t have a sight glass/window on it. You need to be able to see what is being extracted like you need a windshield on your car to see where you’re going.” — Dan Burg
  • “We definitely have better technology. I get carpet dry with HWE in 30 minutes or less; these tools make everything more efficient, but the human element and science of cleaning still needs to be understood.” — Ken Jordan
  • “Wastewater prefilters. Makes waste tank maintenance far less nasty.” — James Copeland

The tools you use and the equipment innovation you appreciate might go beyond what you see in these comments or in the article later in this issue of Cleanfax. There are many choices.

The big takeaway I hope you, well, take away, is to keep an open and inquisitive mind towards what is out there to make your work easier, more productive, more effective, and more profitable.

New, improved, innovative equipment, tools, products… there’s a long list you can choose from. These new toys sure make the cleaning playground a better place to hang out.

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Amanda Hosey

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