PRESCOTT, AZ —Sapphire Scientific recently introduced its new kit specifically designed to accommodate installation of its truckmounts into the Transit van, Ford’s new high-efficiency utility vans, which replaced the Econoline model, according to a press release.

The new Transit-specific kit addresses Ford’s “no-drill zone,” providing a safe drilling solution, which is completely and clearly laid out in the kit’s instruction diagrams.

“We’ve taken the guesswork out of the installation process,” said Bob Kline, president of Sapphire Scientific. “The kits are convenient, easy to install and provide plenty of bolt-down points for safety. Plus, there’s just one universal Transit kit, helping to simplify the distributor’s investment.”

The kit is available for the Rage, 370, 460 and 570 truckmounts, allowing customers the use of Sapphire truckmounts with the fuel-efficiency of the Transit line.

Due to transit space limitations, the kit cannot accommodate the submount freshwater tank accessory.

For more information on this new kit, or any other Sapphire Scientific product, please email