In a Cleanfax article, Business Development Associates President and CEO Tim Miller once offered up “The Four Traits of Successful Sales People.” Here we have distilled the key points into an easy to navigate, distributable infographic for your viewing and sharing pleasure. CLICK HERE for the original article, or CLICK HERE to download the below infographic.


In the article, Miller says:

What separates the good from the great? In sales, we have found that there are certain characteristics that all superstars possess that help them break away from the pack.

While many salespeople will have an individual style and “flair” to their approach, there are four common traits we typically see in superstars that allows them to achieve more than the rest: Desire, commitment, personal responsibility and outlook…

While there are many other characteristics that make up a superstar rep, these four have been seen to be dominant and more common in reps across all industries, including the restoration industry. Take a look at your current sales staff or the person(s) responsible for making the sales for your company and see if they embody any or all of the above four qualities. While not every one of your salespeople will be a superstar, we find that many restorers struggle just to find a rep that will bring in satisfactory or above average results.

Regardless, you should always strive to have the best feet on the street delivering your company’s message and unique value proposition. Check out this article on “The Key to Hiring Great Salespeople” for more information on finding your next rep (and hopefully superstar!).