8 Ways to Find Hardworking Employees After “The Great Resignation” 


The rapid spread of the coronavirus has significantly changed the world of work. In some areas, virtually all jobs have been lost. Others have been able to adapt to current events. Either way, many employers have faced the problem of countless workers deciding to leave the workplace en masse. This wave is well known as the “Great Resignation” or “Great Dismissal.” During this mass exodus, in the United States alone, 71.6 million employees left their jobs. Now, the workforce is stabilizing once more, but can employers change with the times to retain their employees yet again? 

The “Great Resignation” has made it difficult for carpet cleaning and restoration companies specifically as well since the hard work and sometimes inattentive leadership is enough to detract the modern employee from sticking around. Fortunately, with the right strategy in place, industry leaders can retain their team and connect with them on a more personal level moving forward.  

A set of tools must be employed: a sound strategy, effort, and a focus on benefits are crucial to solve this problem. But before tackling the retention problem, it’s first worth clearly defining the meaning of “The Great Resignation,” what the concept means, and how it affects today’s labor market in countless ways.  

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Understanding ‘The Great Resignation’ and its Impact on Cleaning Pros 

The COVID-19 pandemic served as the catalyst for the start of “The Great Resignation.” Employees began leaving their jobs daily for a variety of complex reasons including a desire to fulfill their inner purpose, a need for more financial stability, and the ability to work remotely.  

While spikes in the job market are regular and the demand for change transforms over time, these periods of transition have never happened as rapidly or as unexpectedly. In addition, it’s worth acknowledging that the market itself has changed, and so have its workers. These specific changes and the speed in which they came to be is exactly why cleaning company leaders not only struggled to retain their team for the last few years but also to appeal to new employees and consumers likewise.  

Fear and uncertainty have seriously affected the mental state of workers, and many people have changed their outlook. For example, many parents now want to spend more time with their children and work less with more flexible hours. Meanwhile, some employees want a defined path for their careers and want to know they can grow within their companies after working for a multitude of dead-end jobs in the past. For cleaning companies, these needs can be difficult to accomplish using the same structures as before and the same hiring methods likewise. However, it’s crucial that changes are made if employee retention rates are ever expected to return to an optimal state.  

After all, the professional cleaning field has a rapid staff turnover rate. Many companies are losing good employees due to declining profits and archaic methods. As a result, many companies are forced to backtrack and significantly reduce their operations and goals. But, with the right tactics, it’s even easier to hire employees than it used to be—and keep them!   

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The 8 Best Methods for Modern Employee Acquisition 

Suppose you want to get back on track and solve the “Great Resignation” problem that has led to rapid employee turnover. In that case, we recommend putting the following list into practice. We’ve compiled 8 of the most effective methods for attracting new employees. With the help of these tips, you can hire real professionals who will allow you to cover all your staffing needs and set up quality operations in no time. 

1. Referrals 

As strange as it may sound, the best workers often come from your current employee friend circles. This is a great way to attract many hardworking professionals—and know they’re worth their weight from the start. You can invite your employees to recommend your company to others they know and want to vouch for. This offer can be incentivized and should apply not only to new employees but also to current employees as well in order to increase staff loyalty, trust, and retention. For this form of “job advertising,” you can offer benefits in the form of vacations, bonuses, and gifts that will entice the employees and show them you respect their input likewise.   

2. Local outreach  

A good and effective marketing strategy can significantly help when finding great employees. To find a worthy candidate in your local area, you can distribute flyers and posters advertising the company and stating that it is looking for new employees. You can also talk to people on the street and hire a promoter. Lastly, you can always set up a booth at a local event and use other effective visual advertising methods to become well-known and respected in the community. All of this will make it easier for you to find honest and hardworking employees moving forward.  

3. Social media 

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the most effective. In this case, if you are searching for new hires, you can use social media and other virtual venues to get the best results. Post targeted ads, share jobs on social media, and promote postings in local groups. All of these strategies will help you reach out to far more people locally and find the best employees possible to join your team. Before you place an ad, be sure to determine the requirements for potential employees: what experience, education, and certifications should they possess? By putting these requirements clearly in the ad, you can easily eliminate those that don’t fit the bill before they ever reach out. However, if you are willing to train the right person, having strict requirements listed may not be your best approach, so weighing your options is essential.  

4. Friends and family 

If you have connections for finding qualified and responsible employees, you should definitely use them. You can reach out to your friends and family to find prospects and employ a team you know you can trust.  

Even if a potential candidate has no work experience, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be considered. If your trustworthy acquaintance recommends a person, you should definitely consider hiring them for the position no matter where they are in their career path. You can start with a probationary period to assess their skills and abilities and then consider hiring them for a permanent position after they’ve proven their diligence and respect.  

5. Jooble 

Sometimes, it really helps to turn to experts for the best employee acquisitions. One of the most effective ways to find hardworking employees is to use a job aggregator. With the help of such sites as Jooble, potential employees look for a job because it is convenient, quick, and simple. Jooble is a modern job aggregator that collects job offers from various employers. They are conveniently sorted by state, industry, salary, etc. You can post an ad looking for workers for specific positions. The applicants themselves will see you on the site, and if they are interested in your offer, they will respond. 

6. Job fairs 

What’s a better place to find potential employees than a job fair? Cleaning leaders can actively attend job fairs to find suitable workers to join their team—and the results are typically highly positive. In fact, many believe that job fairs are making a comeback thanks to “The Great Resignation” specifically.  

To take advantage of this resurgence, a company representative can be sent to these events to represent the brand and attract qualified employees. Applicants of various ages and skill levels can apply for the position and talk directly with your team in a fast-paced setting perfect for weeding out the unqualified applicants in a flash.  

7. Industry conventions/shows 

Highly specialized professional events are a great way to find good employees. With opportunities like the ISSA Show North America 2022 and The Experience Las Vegas, there are plenty of trade shows, conferences, and conventions that are perfect for connecting with your industry and finding new team members organically. These events also serve as a great opportunity to find specialists who are really interested in professional growth and development with a team as dedicated and successful as yours.  

8. Partner with a local non-profit 

Lastly, partnering with non-profits that help people reintegrate into the workforce is a great solution when looking for new employees. Many job seekers go to these organizations to find long-term and fruitful employment making it a great choice for companies hoping to increase employee retention. The employer can specify criteria that the job applicant must meet during the process which also can help to find experienced and beginner team members alike. It also serves as another positive benefit to working with your team that is sure to boost retention from a philanthropic perspective as well. 

With ISSA Charities, we offer several ways to help the world through cleaning and leadership. As a result, our team thrives and feels a sense of fulfillment that keeps them wanting to work with our team for far longer.  

In the end, although the ‘Great Resignation’ affected the cleaning industry in multiple ways, it also helped leaders by creating a more robust workforce than ever before. To tap into this new workforce and generation, all it takes is understanding your team’s needs, establishing effective marketing, and leading by example.  


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