15 Networks Women Leaders Should Absolutely Join Today


By Samantha Hager

As a woman leader in the cleaning or restoration industry, it can sometimes feel difficult to network and connect with others that understand your position and unique perspective. Fortunately, by joining the right online networks and connecting with other woman leaders, you can help to empower others while learning from experts and mentors in your industry and beyond.

Furthermore, joining networks and helping to uplift the communities within them doesn’t just help you to feel more connected. In fact, it can have immense value for all aspects of your life when done correctly. To see the value of networking and some of the best networks designed for women leaders, take a closer look at the statistics and list below right in time for the busy holiday season to come.

The value of networking and empowering others

The value of networking is undeniable. However, to really see how incredible networking as a woman business leader can be, let’s take a look at some of the most notable statistics related to networking from this year:

  • 79% of professionals believe that career success depends on networking.
  • Networking is responsible for the success of 78% of startups.
  • 49% of employees report that one of the major benefits of online networking is “easier accessibility.”
  • 40% of professionals say that they network more online than in person.
  • 41% of people want to network more often.
  • Professionals who allotted 6.3 hours per week to networking activities said that it played a crucial role in their success.
  • Almost 61% of professionals worldwide agree that regular online interaction with their professional network can lead to possible job opportunities.

All in all, what we can deduce from these statistics is that networking in the cleaning and restoration industry is highly important for career success, connection, opportunities, and business growth.

However, another important study by Harvard Business Review showed the disparity between men and women networking in positions of power. The study found that “men benefit not so much from size of network but from being central in the network—or connected to multiple “hubs”, or people who have a lot of contacts across different groups of students. Meanwhile, women benefited in terms of job placement from being central in the network too; but to achieve the executive positions with the highest levels of authority and pay, they also had to have an inner circle of close female contacts, despite having similar qualifications to men including education and work experience.”

This is why joining women-centric networks along with the obvious industry-specific and generic leadership networks is so important. In order to grow businesses, advance in their positions, and dominate their industries, women must connect, collaborate, and uplift one another in ways that their male counterparts don’t. With this being said, while it might not be very egaliatarian, having a strong support system doesn’t hurt as a leader in any regard. Instead, try taking these 15 women networks below and using them to feel more connected and supported from others in similar positions of power and influence. After all, as Kasia GospoÅ› once said, “Amazing things happen when women help other women.”

Networks designed for women leaders

Although this list is hardly complete and there are thousands of other online and in-person networks out there for women leaders in the cleaning and restoration realms to join, these 15 options serve as a great basis to see the value of networking for yourself, connect with strong communities, and serve as a powerful mentor for other founders.

  1. ISSA Hygieia Network

While all of these options are perfect for starting out, the ISSA Hygieia network provides specific women mentorship and collaboration opportunities in the cleaning industry. For this reason, it is ranked #1 on this list and is highly recommended for all women leaders looking to connect and grow within this saturated and more male-centric market.

  1. We Are The City

  2. Lean In Circles

  3. American Business Women’s Association

  4. DrivenWoman

  5. Purpose Girls: The Women’s Happiness Network

  6. Allbright

  7. Women Who Startup

  8. The She-Suite

  9. Hub Dot

  10.  Glassbreakers

  11. SheKnows

  12. Plum Alley

  13.  The BOSS Network

  14. In Good Company

  15. Catalyst

To begin reaping the many benefits of networking and collaboration as a woman in the cleaning industry, simply sign up for these 15 networks and don’t hesitate to engage, connect, and share your key insights with the community from the start. To help you get the most out of this experience, try reading this article on the success of female networkers as well as this lesson on networking from Dr. Seuss.

With these tools, you are sure to make highly valuable and helpful connections with other women in the industry and beyond. And, with this strong community supporting you, you can finally reach your full potential as a strong and fearless female leader of the future.

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