The Faces of the Industry: Cleanfax ‘Silly Selfie Series’ at The Experience Las Vegas 2022


Zig Ziglar once said, “You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.” With industries as expansive as the ones featured in The Experience trade show, it’s the people that truly should matter as you walk booth to booth and connect professionally and personally. The laughter, the handshakes, and the knowledge shared between every industry expert, beginner, and enthusiast is something you simply can’t bottle up and sell no matter how hard you try.

That’s why, for The 2022 Experience Show in Las Vegas, we at Cleanfax decided that it was about time the faces of the industry get the same level of care and coverage as the products we uplift and write about daily.

With that being said, we sought out on September 7th as the trade show hall opened to not just pass around the show guides we worked to create and the latest magazine issue we carefully crafted for the community. Instead, we were on a mission to meet with every booth, have a little fun, and take a silly selfie that perfectly showcased not just the brilliant work they do for the industry but their authentic and charismatic personalities as well.

As you look through the series below, what you’ll quickly notice is that every person did something a bit different from the rest. This one observation is the best way to define the industry as a whole. While we may all work together and create products/services that align, it’s the things that make us unique that help us to all thrive, be magnetic, and keep coming back to The Experience year after year for a chance to connect once again.

If you were featured in this series, please share it online to show just how awesome our community truly is with #MYEXP and #Cleanfax.

We at Cleanfax want to personally thank every booth that participated for not just being down-to-earth enough to join in on the fun but for helping us create a memorable experience well worth the time and effort it took on our end to put together.

Now, let’s laugh and connect as a community once more over this impeccably silly selfie slideshow!

Watch the Cleanfax Silly Selfie Series below and share it on social media with #MYEXP and #Cleanfax!


Samantha Hager

Samantha Hager is the Associate Editor at Cleanfax Magazine. With an extensive background in journalism and editorialism, Hager provides a unique perspective to the cleaning and restoration industries. You can reach her at [email protected]

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